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Awakening the third eye: Bartlett Center's newest exhibit

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Openings of the third eyes, a mix between consciousness and unconsciousness and ideas that will stretch the mind of the audience: the Color of Dreams is the newest exhibition in the Gardiner Gallery of Art. 

The Color of Dreams by Rafael Corzo is the latest most exhibit to make its way to campus.


Oklahoma State University’s Gardiner Gallery of Art is going to house the exhibit of the New York based artist. 


The exhibit will appear at OSU from Sept. 23 to Oct. 29. The exhibit kicked off last week with an opening reception, a talk from the artist and a workshop. 


According to information provided by the Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History, Corzo’s work manifests as a lucid revere. It says it connects both conscious and unconscious states with many different mediums used. 


They revealed Corzo’s work uses ceramics, metal wire, plaster, fluorescent pebbles, and projected digital animation


“This exhibition presents a range of works that illuminate Corzo’s holistic process,” a statement from the gallery said.


The artist’s pieces available to see include Beautiful Cosmic Soul, Star Seeds, The Dual Dream That Follow Freedom, and the SuperCluster Rozagante. 


While the artist is currently in Tulsa, he has been all around the world and immersed in many different cultures as an artist. 


The artist Corzo is a Tulsa Artist Fellow but is based in New York. He is originally from Mexico City, Mexico. He studied at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and the Maryland Institute College of Art. 


“His works manifests as a lucid reverie, connecting both conscious and unconscious states through an array of mediums including ceramics, metal wire, plaster, fluorescent pebbles, and projected digital animation,” the gallery's statement said.


“Corzo is actively seeking understanding of lucid dreaming, astral projection, remote viewing, meditation, visualization, and the full awakening and potential of the pineal gland or third eye.”

The Gardiner Gallery of Art is located in the Barlett Center on OSU’s campus. To learn about exhibitions similar to this one in the future and stay in the loop with OSU art, To keep up with the artists Rafel Corzo, he features his art on his Instagram @beautiful_cosmic_soul and his portfolio can be seen at


Oklahoma State has a current history of providing outstanding artists and artwork to the community, The Color of Dreams OSU debut is no different.