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Review: Capitol Steps makes politics fun again

Capitol Steps

An actor portraying Donald Trump performs during the satirical group Capitol Steps' show in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Friday, September 16, 2016.

Very few people enjoy talking about politics, but hearing about the election has never been this fun and entertaining.

Capitol Steps made its way all the way from Washington D.C. to Stillwater to give a memorable, hilarious performance about this upcoming election that attendees won’t soon forget.

The show starred some of the most recognizable names in politics. With President Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as reccurring stars in the show. No matter whom you support in the presidential race, Capitol Steps poked fun at each candidate, so you never had the chance to be upset or offended by the satirical comments.

Capitol Steps sang parodies of popular songs such as “All About That Bass,” “Shut Up and Dance” and a mash up of “Grease” songs. The songs were catchy, and the familiar tunes had watchers wanting to learn the words so they could sing along. 

On of the most memorable moments of the night was when Kevin Corbett, the actor who played Donald Trump throughout the night, talked about politics by switching around the first letters of his words to make it more hilarious than it would have been if he had said it all correctly.

Not only was this show funny, but also Capitol Steps allowed show-goers to become more informed about the political candidates who are running for president. This show required basic knowledge of what is going on in the political world to find most of the jokes entertaining. If attendees knew about Clinton’s emails or Trump’s questionable comments, then the jokes in this comedy show were fairly easy to follow. 

The cast did an incredible job of impersonating several politicians, and its spot-on impressions made the show even more enjoyable.

Capitol Steps is making its way across the country to bring political satire to different communities. If you didn’t get the chance to come out and see them this time around, when they return to the stage, you shouldn’t miss it. Even if politics aren’t your thing, this show is for everyone.