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Arctic temperatures caused facility issues in the OSU residential halls

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Damaged water pipes impacted several residential halls, including Village B, throughout winter break. 

Freezing weather and pipes are not best friends.

The arctic temperatures in Oklahoma during the final two weeks of 2022 caused facility issues in the OSU residential halls.

Oklahoma State Housing and Residential Life announced frozen pipes resulted in water damage and caused issues with the fire panels and electronic door access. 

Leon McClinton, the director of housing and residential life, has worked during winter break to help students get situated.

It’s not the first time resident halls had flooding due to pipes bursting in cold weather, but it is the first time it has happened during winter break. The majority of the students were not staying in the dorms to respond to the incident. McClinton said him and his staff have been communicating with the residents affected.

"Our departmental leadership team, community mentors, full-time staff, and graduate student staff worked non-stop throughout the break to accommodate students that needed a temporary living space while we remediate affected spaces," McClinton said. "I’m so fortunate to be working with such a dedicated and committed team."

McClinton has worked as the director of housing and residential life for 7 1/2 years and said he considers his job energizing because he is able to impact student's lives in and outside of the classroom.

As of Jan. 3, Wentz, Village E and Village F are all closed. OSU Facilities Management is working to repair the panels and is coordinating with vendors should parts need to be replaced.

The OSU Housing and Residential Life said residents of these buildings have received an email detailing the situation and their goal is to have the buildings reopened before the beginning of the spring semester.

The email sent out to Wentz's residents said fire safety professionals have inspected the fire panels at , and steps are being taken to restore them to full service. Until that time, the building cannot be occupied. Students may return to the hall to assess or retrieve your personal items, and staff will be available every day through Jan. 13, from noon to 5 p.m. to grant you access to the building. Students were asked, if possible, to delay their return to living on campus until classes resume on Jan. 17 to give ample time to complete the repairs. However, if they need temporary housing before the building reopens, they are encourged to contact

The fire panels were restored at villages E and F. Residents with impacted rooms have been contacted directly and reassigned permanent housing locations for the spring semester.

Village A, Village B, Village C, Zink-Allen, Morsani-Smith, Bost, Young and Carreker West Halls were also affected by the weather. These buildings remain open, and OSU Housing and Residential life contacted directly the residents who were impacted. 

Blackmon Mooring began full remediation and repair of affected spaces on Monday. 

McClinton said the housing and residential life staff are having daily meetings to discuss the current situation and to discuss preventative measures. 

"It can happen again," McClinton said. "But we will continue to assess our spaces and identify opportunities to modify potentially vulnerable spaces."

Students are encouraged to email if they have any doubts about the situation.