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America's brightest give orange: Record breaking $1.2 million raised in 1,890 minutes

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In 2018, the Give Orange event had raised $610,277. Three years later the event raised nearly twice that number in the same 1,890 minutes. 

In just 1,890 minutes, the OSU community raised over $1.2 million toward the fourth annual Give Orange event.

Give Orange is a fundraiser in which the cowboy community can come together to support the university and all things America’s Brightest Orange. Different programs and units on campus share how OSU is changing lives and how any financial support will go right back into the cowboy community.

Why 1,890 minutes? Oklahoma State was founded in 1890 with the help of four families who donated 200 acres of land to build the university.  OSU is built on donations, and Give Orange is a way to continue that tradition.

Amanda Davis, associate vice president of Annual Giving and University Programs, shared that Days of Giving are becoming increasingly more common throughout universities all across the country. For OSU specifically, there has been three years of experience with Give Orange, as well as a better understanding of digital outreach, especially due to the pandemic. 

“Because of the pandemic we’re all a lot more accustomed to participating in big digital moments, and days of giving are largely digital,” Davis said. “I think also as a result of the pandemic and the difficulty it’s caused for everyone, everybody is just really eager to participate in fun and positive moments.” 

However, as the growth of digital events has increased significantly in the past year, Davis doesn’t believe that there was a huge difference in their approach to the event.

“It's just that we reached a level of critical mass that inspired all our partners on campus to really work harder than they ever have before,” Davis said.  “That’s how we got to $1.2 million.”

The Foundation raised exactly $1,203,741, and it couldn’t have been done without some very generous donations from people in the OSU community.

“Shoutout to OSU Athletics, KOSU, the Alumni Association, the Student Foundation and student donors,” Davis said. “These are all groups that have always participated in some way with Give Orange, but they have really gone above and beyond this year.”

Amanda Davis also acknowledged the College of Education for having some of the best participation out of all the colleges on campus. 

While there was much to be excited about on this successful 31 and a half hours of giving, Davis was easily able to pinpoint her favorite moment; a moment that included the iconic “voice of the cowboys” and a major breakthrough. 

“We were fortunate through partnership with the athletics department to have Larry Reese record an announcement that we had broken the million-dollar mark, which was the first time that had ever happened in the history of Give Orange,” Davis said. “That announcement was played over the loudspeakers here in the foundation building and it was a really great moment of celebration.”