All in a day’s work; Students grow from owning their own businesses

Being a full-time student is a lot of work, but some students at OSU have taken their side hustles to another level and have created their own businesses.

The following four students have created businesses, whether it be selling products or performing a service to others. Brenna Flanary is a studio art junior with a teaching certificate; she is also the creator of Bee Cool Design Co. Flanary came up with her business name to create a design company that incorporated multiple items, evolving into its future rather than solely buttons. 

“Bee Cool Design Co. evolved from an Instagram business to a website, to boutiques and just recently to an LLC,” Flanary said. “I am currently in the process of becoming licensed through Oklahoma State and other schools.”

Flanary has gained several things from her business.

“I have made so many friends. I’ve built social skills and have definitely developed a new level of confidence,” Flanary said.

Kendall Minaldi is a fashion merchandising sophomore with a minor in marketing. Minaldi was inspired to create her business, Threads x Kendall Paige, after being assigned a project for class. 

“I was in design theory last year and I painted a denim jacket as part of the final project and I really enjoyed doing it,” Minaldi said. “I ended up wearing the jacket because I liked the way it turned out, and people started to ask me about it, so I turned it into a business.”

Minaldi has learned valuable business knowledge through Threads x Kendall Paige.

“I have gained insight to what marketing strategies are actually effective, at least on a small scale which I will use in my future career,” Minaldi said. “It has definitely been interesting to learn that firsthand with my own business.”

Miranda Raney, a strategic communications senior, has been surprised with what her business, Kickass Tees, has brought her. 

“I have gained friendships with other people who run small businesses in Stillwater,” Raney said. “We team up for giveaways or collaborations and everyone is really supportive of each other.”

Raney is involved extracurriculars like With Purpose, which advocates and spread awareness for childhood cancer. She is the coordinator of a blanket drive and involved with different honor societies. 

“Right now, I am involved with a lot of things on campus as well as homework,” Raney said. “Usually I work on the business on Fridays and on the weekends because I don’t have class then.”

Kenna Taylor, a sophomore majoring in elementary education, is interested in continuing her business Tan and Lash by K after college.

“As this business has evolved over the last year and a half, I have grown to realize that I want to eventually attend esthetician school and be certified,” Taylor said. “I am up for wherever this takes me as either a side job or a full-time job.”

Running a business can help put into perspective the importance of time management. 

“It is a little hard to manage school, life and the business because it is on my own time and I can schedule appointments as early or as late as I want,” Taylor said. “As time has progressed, I have learned to end appointments at a certain time, so I am able to work on school or spend time with my friends.”

Having her own business, Taylor has been able to form several valuable relationships.

“I have gained a lot of friendships that were unexpected,” Taylor said. “People that have found me from my Instagram and my sorority sisters that I didn’t really know before I tanned or gave them lashes have evolved into personal relationships that I am grateful for.”