A match made in Stillwater

Kathy Swallows and John Hays Valentie's day

Kathy Swallows and John Hays met at OSU during graduate school and now have been married for 28 years. 


“I never really expected to meet anyone on campus, that’s not why I’m here.” Merideth Proctor, biochemistry junior said.

In 2018 she happened to see Brock Keen, chemistry junior, from her differential equations class at Aspen while trying to avoid a research meeting. That was the first time they talked outside of class and they talked for five hours.

“I was scared that if I got up she’d walk away,” Keen said.

Now 18 months later, they don’t spend much time at the coffee shop but they still spend time talking about their research and all the struggles of classes.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to that girl in class that you think is cute because she might think you're cute too,” Keen said.

Basement of Physical Science

Kathy Swallows just wanted a diet coke. She just didn’t have the exact change she needed. She poked her head into John Hays’ office right next to the vending machine and asked if he had any.

“I kept change in my desk because people ask me all the time.” Hays said.

Later, they met again at a Physics department party and found out their graduate student offices weren’t that far apart.

Four years later after driving back from Oklahoma City, Hays made a bold assumption.

“I said something like ‘if we get married’ and John said ‘no when we get married.’ and I was like oh, you’re serious.” Swallows said. They’ve been married for 28 years.


Tom Myers went out with a buddy from the chemistry department when he saw Lisa Phegley. He eventually convinced her to go on a date with him.

“We went out to a bar that doesn’t exist anymore and we went to Joes,” Phegley said. “I kinda thought he was going to be a jerk because of how he was showing me how to play pool.”

That wasn’t the case. They started spending as much time together as they could together. Which meant they started spending time in Phegley’s lab.

“I was up all night on architecture stuff anyway so I would take a break,” Myers said. “it was just time we could spend together because we both had crazy schedules.”

They’ve been married for 21 years and are season ticket holders for football.

Chemistry Class

Dakotah McBride accidently sat in a leftie seat on the first day of professor Halihan’s chemistry class. He looked over and moved next to Hannah Wheeler.

“I just thought she was pretty,” McBride said. “It seemed like she had a good sense of humor. I sat there the next day.”

Nothing came from this seating arrangement at first. Until a Tumbleweed concert brought them together. The next night was a first date at Olive Garden. “At the time, I don’t think either of us realized where it was going to go but now we’re here,” Wheeler said.

Now a year and a half year later they have weekly dates.

“We do have chemistry, I make that joke all the time,” Wheeler said.

Gallagher Iba Arena

Depending on who you ask, Jessica Clampet and Zach Riggin met each other at different times. Clampet met Riggin at an open workout at Rose State in 2003. It wasn’t until Spring 2004 tryouts that Riggin remembers seeing her.

“This is someone I can stunt with,” Riggin said.

For that school year, they worked together to put on shows at OSU’s athletic events. Through that year, their bond as stunt partners grew.

“(As stunt partners) you get to know each other pretty well,” Clampet said. “You learn to trust each other a lot.”

In 2006 the two got married on Willard deck.

“We thought it was really pretty,” Riggin said. “Both sets of our parents met at OSU… it is just an important place for us.”