A how to guide for acing your online classes

working from home.jpg

With OSU moving classes online for the rest of the semester, students need to find way to productively work from home. 

At this point in the semester, students know what classes demand more attention than others and when and how to work to get the grade. With Oklahoma State moving classes completely online people can be thrown off due to the change in how classes are taught, loss of access to on-campus resources and a different work environment.

Here are a few tips to help get back on track to finish the semester.


Without that mandatory attendance initiative, it can be easy to blow off classes. Don’t let yourself slip too far off your usual schedule. Keep alarms of regular class times and work on those classes when you usually would be in class. This doesn’t mean you can’t sleep in an extra hour but working through your class load at the same time everyday as you did before all of this will help keep you caught up.

If you need a physical signal to start working, take a walk around the neighborhood between your classes. You’re used to walking around after a class to get to the next one so it might help transition you from one class to another more easily.

Change your environment

With campus shutting down and all the strange situations students are ending up in, you will be in a different environment than you’re used to working in. Find a place that you can do your work, away from all the fun distractions that kept you busy during spring break. It’s the “out of sight, out of mind” principle that will help you focus more on the work ahead of you. While you’re “in class” leave your phone in the other room or if you need to have it turn on “do not disrupt” as you take notes.


Yes, even with online classes breaks are nice. Our brains don’t like to be overworked so taking a break is a good idea. It’s how you take the break that’s important. Don’t turn on the TV or start up from your last save file; once you get started on relaxing, it’s really hard to transfer back over into work mode. Set a 10 minute timer and scroll through Twitter or go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Ask for help

While professors can’t meet in person with their students anymore, most are still there to make sure you’re getting a concept. You can’t really raise your hand to ask a question in class but if it affects your ability to do an assignment, shoot an email to your professor. Try to set up a Skype or Zoom call so they can talk you through it if an email description doesn’t work well for you. The Writing Center, LASSO and Math Learning and Success Center are offering tutoring sessions online for free so you can still have access to your favorite tutor through the rest of the semester.

This is a sudden and drastic change to how students usually do their school work but with these tips, you should be able to finish this semester strong.