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5 Ways to Spend a Snow Day With a Roommate.

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SPEARS School of Business building on the Oklahoma State University campus on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Being snowed in in college is a unique experience and you will see the true colors of your roommate and you will see yours. There will not be a lot of opportunities in one life to be locked in with their buddies, class canceled, and all the time in the world, so here are 5 things to do while snowed in with the roommates. 

1. Nacho table

Yes, the one from TikTok. Grab the roommates, put down foil on the table, spread tortilla chips all over the table, and then go crazy with nacho ingredients galore. Nacho table is fun and will feed the whole roommate group all day! Bonus points if there is a meal plan involved and all of the ingredients are from Twenty-Something. 

2. PowerPoint Night

Each roommate can pick any topic to present to the group. Ones that other people have posted online from their PowerPoint nights consist of “Why each roommate is the same as a McDonald’s menu item and here is why” or “Why We Should Invest in a Pool in our Dorm”. PowerPoint night is not supposed to be taken seriously, so nothing to get rid of the winter blues like making the roommates laugh-- and stay inside from the cold. 

3. Make some snow-cowboy-men

Roommates need teamwork bonding too, right?  Bonus points if is dyed with orange Gatorade. OSU basketball is still playing this week and needs the support regardless of everything else is shut down! 

4. Make snow cones

While Josh’s Sno Cones and Cowboy Corner are most students’ favorite Stillwater snow cone shops in the summer, the story is a little different when Oklahoma is experiencing the coolest weather than it has in 100 years. Get some (clean) snow from outside and add some chocolate syrup on top. Or add whatever sweet thing you may have on hand. The roommate group will love this easy past time and maybe eating snow will help one forget they are about to run out of the groceries they should have done a better job of stocking up on. Also, the strip is probably closed, so if you are over 21, there is no judgment in making a frozen margarita as well. 

5. Stillwater sledding 

Notable places to partake in this: The hills behind the Commons and Boomer Lake. Maybe choose this one on a day the wind chill is not -30 degrees (looking at you Monday, looking at you.)

Stillwater, as well as a large part of the Southern United States, is experiencing a winter storm unlike it has in years. Stay warm, stay safe and don’t forget you should still wear a mask.