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300 days a year: Next stop Stillwater: the story of one garage show at a time

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Garage Band


In a multi-colored-Christmas-light lit, wooden garage on University Circle, Brendan Abernathy strummed his acoustic guitar in front of dozens of college students.

Stillwater is the latest stop on his never-ending road trip. 

The young musician travels 300 days a year doing what he loves most, performing music. The beanie wearing, Volkswagen-turned-home living singer and song-writer said that Stillwater is one of his favorite places in the world to stop and perform.

 “Through mutual friends I got connected with some folks in Stillwater last spring and showed up to town knowing no one. That night in March started something special - my unexpected love for Stillwater,” Abernathy said.

“When I was deciding when to release my lead single for my next record, which is called Sober, I chose to do so when my concert in Stillwater was scheduled because I knew that while in town I would feel encouraged and loved by the friends and fans I've made here."

When in Stillwater, the faith-driven musician performs at house shows filled with members of the Young Life College community. His exposure to the organization here in Stillwater has led him to bring his talents to Young Life camps across the country.

“I believe in the ministry and its mission, especially its vision for how music can impact lives,” Abernathy said.

One of the OSU students that has grown to know Abernathy and visits to Stillwater- even giving him a place to stay for a night outside of his Volkswagen, is Jake Hill.

“No matter how many cities and college towns Brendan travels to, he will still remember almost everyone he meets by name,” Hill said.

“He is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet.”

Abernathy describes his music as good, swaggy, and a strong “Swiftian flare,” due to his main influence in his music are women. 

While the singer is traveling full time to expand his fan base and share his music, his music can be streamed everywhere- Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, TikTok. It can all be found under Brendan Abernathy.