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How COVID is impacting Stillwater, OSU

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Of the countless regulations implemented due to COVID, Stillwater’s latest is a “ten person rule”, limiting every gathering to a maximum of ten and imposing a fine for violators.

The global pandemic is dramatically shifting people’s daily lives, and its repercussions on Stillwater and Oklahoma State are extensive. 

Although new terms like social distancing and self-quarantine have been emphasized as a way to slow the spread of COVID, many have questioned what they mean specifically. The government is now beginning to define them legally and enforce fines.

Below is a compilation of changes for the city of Stillwater and Oklahoma State respectively.

City of Stillwater:

1. Organized gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited

  • This includes church, funerals, conferences, etc.
  • Violations may result in $560 fine

2. Utilities

  • Stillwater suspended disconnection of City/SUA provided utility services for non-payment

3. Recreational centers that are still OPEN

  • Golf courses, outdoor parks, boomer trail, Kameoka trail
  • 6 feet of distance must be maintained at every location
  • Violations may result in $560 fine

4. Non-essential businesses are CLOSED

  • This includes but is not limited to barbershops, nail salons, tattoo parlors, health clubs, spas, tanning salons, massage parlors, yoga studios, etc.

5. “Entertainment” venues are CLOSED

  • This includes but is not limited gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys, skating rinks, clubs, bars, lounges, etc.

6. Changes at essential businesses

  • Precautions are in place to keep citizens six feet apart in lines, maintain business cleanliness etc.
  • "Essential businesses" include but are not limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.

7. Restaurants

  • All dine-in options are canceled
  • Depending on the restaurant, you can either pick up food or have it delivered

8. Airport changes

  • Social distancing seating areas have been established, but the airport is still in operation

Oklahoma State University

1. Bursar refunds

  • OSU will be refund $9.85 per credit hour
  • Refunds are being determined based on the amount of weeks remaining in the semester and student’s specific payments
  • Refunds will also be available to those with a meal plan, parking permit, or on-campus housing.

2. Pass/Fail Grading System

  • At the end of the semester, students can decide to keep a letter grade that will impact their GPA (like normal) or opt to use the pass/fail grading system (which would impact their transcript but not their GPA).

3. Twenty-Something is open

  • If you are a student living on campus, Twenty-Something is still available as a grocery option.

4. Edmon Low is virtual

  • The library has officially closed, but the digital collections, which include 54 databases and 3.2 million e-books, can be accessed online

5. All buildings closed

  • This includes but is not limited to the Union, Colvin, dining options etc.
  • Prior to Wednesday, March 25, buildings on campus remained open during business hours, but they have officially closed.

6. All on-campus events closed

  • This includes but is not limited to career fairs, sporting events, etc.

7. Student Move-Out

  • Unless a student has been approved to stay in the dorms, all must move out.

8. OSU is obeying Congress’s The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) 

  • ALL employees of OSU are eligible for up to two weeks of paid leave in the case of six corona-related scenarios.
  • This includes faculty, staff, student employees, temporary employees etc.