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The birth of Blue Diamond Cabaret

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Blue Diamond Cabaret

Jerry and Amber Elledge have made bare breasts their business.

As husband and wife, the two own the Blue Diamond Cabaret, a strip club, at 7320 E. Sixth St.

The club opened Jan. 13, less than a month after the Doll House closed.

Jerry, who has worked in adult entertainment for 15 years, said his passion for his work started when he was an Oklahoma State University student.

"I went to my first topless club at 21, and I never really left," Jerry said.

Jerry and his best friend's dad opened up their own club, the Sunset Strip, in the mid 90s while Jerry was still at OSU studying marketing. Jerry has owned and managed three clubs.

"I enjoy being the host of a party," he said.

Jerry most recently managed at Oklahoma City's Red Light Nights, where Amber worked as a bartender. Amber said she enjoys co-managing with her husband.

"We work really well together," she said. "It's actually better than me working for him. We have good communication. It makes the job easier because you have somebody there that can do the same things that you do and help you out."

Amber said she understands the apparent oddity of a woman owning an adult club with her husband. But she said she doesn't worry about her husband.

"A lot of people get in it and get jealous," Amber said. "I would see that as being the main problem, but it's not really with us. He's not the typical manager. He runs a good, strict club."

Jerry said his hope is to bring an improved reputation to the club.

The club opened nearly four months after a 21-year-old man was allegedly stabbed at the Doll House on Oct. 5. Jerry did not own the Doll House.

He said he doesn't really feel a negative stigma from the October stabbing.

"Stuff happens anywhere," he said. "It could have happened at Walmart."

Amber said customers tell her the club is more cleaned up than the previous one.

"The things I've heard, customerwise is that it's cleaned up a lot," Amber said. "It's run a little more strict, more organized. There's a lot more structure as far as the girls go."

She said one customer told her the new club is comparable to Night Trips, an upscale adult club franchise in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Amber said they met with the Payne County Sheriff and haven't had any complaints of problems.

"They've even said that the clientele they see leaving here has improved drastically," she said.

Amber said owning an adult club has more worries to it than just owning a bar.

"The challenges are with keeping decent girls and the drama," she said. "You're also in an establishment where you have drinking. Just being able to keep all that in line is probably one of the main challenges."

Jerry said he has learned a lot since the Sunset Strip. He said he learned that customer service truly does provide the best atmosphere.

"We try to gear beer specials to people's needs," Jerry said.

An example is Wednesday college nights. College students get free beer if they come in with a student ID, Jerry said.

But Jerry said safety is one of his main priorities and looks after his customers.

"If someone seems to not be able to drive, I'll call them a cab," he said.

Jerry said he makes sure his employees get home safely, and that he has parking lot security as well as club security.

In addition to owning the club, Jerry said he participates in the Toys for Tots programs, as well as hosting pole dancing exercise classes on Wednesdays from 2-4 p.m.

The Blue Diamond Cabaret is open seven days a week from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Those attending must be 18 to enter. More information can be found by calling the club at (405) 372-3655.