Morgan Concert in the Garden: Sadie's Take


The Morgan Band during the Concert at the Garden series at the Stillwater Botanical Gardens, on Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. 

Friday the 13th, local band Morgan performed a 2 ½ hour set at the OSU Botanical Gardens. I decided that I would go check them out. After all, what's better than an evening of local music? My roommate and I arrived to a sizable crowd of people perched on their foldable chairs and blankets. We had arrived a little late, which made the back of the pack our best bet.

The Morgan Band is a Stillwater local band formed in 2011. This award-winning band is a mix of folk, rock, and country. They perform fan favorites such as Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac, as well as original content. The lead singer and namesake of the band, Morgan, plays guitar, saxophone, flute, and piano. A true virtuoso of the things that make local sound so inviting.

The weather was absolutely perfect. It had been raining in town all day, but had cleared up in just enough time to dry out the gardens. There was a booth set up for pastries from the Good Little Eater, so of course we bought cookies. When we settled in our spot, the band was playing “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. We sat and listened with enthusiasm as they went through multiple covers, such as “Rhiannon”, “Chain of Fools”, and “Son of a Preacher Man”. Each song seemed to permeate through the freshly dried trees as if they were written to played at that exact moment for that exact crowd. 

The band performed their originals intermittently between the covers. Most of the originals were ballads of love and loss. Lead singer Morgan explained to the audience that she wrote “Remain Mine” after Sandy Hook, from the perspective of a parent. Music with this degree of meaning and significance is not often seen in today’s music. The band also performed some instrumental tracks, which showcased the multi-talented musicians. It was almost a surprise to know that such a brilliant group of performers came from my little town. 

One of my personal favorite moments from the show was when Morgan was on stage by herself and announced that she would play some 80s hits. “What’s Up?” and “Land Down Under” were a couple of the featured songs, and “99 Luftballons” too! Morgan even sang parts of the tune in German. 

The band concluded their night with two songs fitting for Friday the 13th: “Creep” by Radiohead and “Zombie” by the Cranberries. Morgan showed their ability to play to the setting and tone they were in. The music was a joy, and the location was calming.

In the end, what stood out the most was enjoying music in good company on our makeshift pallet. It was nice to escape the whirlwind of school to have a simple evening. Music is what sets the stage for all great memories such as these to flourish. Morgan at the botanical gardens reminded me to take time to sit outside and listen to the beautiful sounds created right here in Stillwater, USA.