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Cowboys prove themselves

After the Oklahoma State football team's historic win over Nebraska, 24-21, Saturday, Les Miles said his Cowboys were just playing for today - and not for the last 41 years that the Cowboys have sought a 'W' over the Huskers. 


And Miles can talk all he wants about how his team was just playing this one game, and wasn't feeling the pressure of four decades of embarrassment at the hands of the Huskers, but his talk won't make it true. 


This Cowboy team came out stronger than it has all season and played a physical game that did have flaws, but unlike the team that we've seen the last few weeks, these Cowboys never gave up - they played for all those who had lost before them. 


"It is a long time and we wanted to win because of that," said OSU offensive lineman Jason Russell after the game. "The week of practice really showed that." 


Cowboy fans - who, this season, have been acting as fair weather as Sooner fans from a few years back - stayed the whole game. Men who were there to witness the last OSU victory over NU giggled like school girls, and the Cowboy faithful grinned from ear-to-ear. An older man on the sideline, decked out in orange and giving every returning player a pat, had tears in his eyes on the last Cowboy drive. 


The jaded ones argued that this win wasn't really a big deal - this is not the Husker team that played for the National Championship last year - this is quite possibly the worst Husker team in history. 


Who cares. NU played well against OSU, putting up 369 yards and only one turnover. Husker tailback David Horne led the team to its first over-100-yards rushing game this season. NU quarterback Jammal Lord had 110 yards passing and 73 yards rushing. 


The Huskers didn't give up until the end, either, rallying back in the fourth quarter with two touchdowns to come within striking range of the Cowboys.  


"We understand they have a talented offense," Miles said. "Lord is an awfully good quarterback. He can play quarterback, tailback, maybe tight end, and safety surely. He can throw it.  


"We knew they were going to score." 


But in the end, the Huskers lost the tenacity battle. The Cowboys hung with - and dominated - one of the biggest, most physical teams in the Big 12 Conference.  


And they did for all those who came before them who couldn't do it. 


"It came together so perfectly," Russell said. "Anything we wanted to do, we could do." 


Saturday showed everybody what the Cowboys are capable of.  


Who knows what they can do now?