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A taste of homemade

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Molly making cookies

Molly getting cookie dough ready for the oven.

 The scent of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven floated through the hallways of the West Commons dorm.

A smell students navigating dorm living for the first time probably have not smelled since they were back home.

The comforting aroma is thanks to Molly Jollif.

Freshman Molly Jollif made friends on her floor with a sweet gesture. 

“I would text my group of friends and say ‘I’m going to cook in the kitchen you want to come over’ and they would say yes,” Jolif explained. 

The more Jollif baked in the kitchen down the, the more people would join to eat. Her recipe can be found in any grocery store. “I follow the toll house recipe that’s on the back of the chocolate chip bags.” 

Jollif started to make more than just cookies. Jollif would make oreo cake balls, fried chicken, and other goodies and ask residents when they pass by if they would like some food to take with them. Her generosity helped make the first floor of West Commons closer together in just under one semester, and soon students from other dorms were invited to come try her food. 

 “I have been told that I am going to give everyone diabetes in the freshman fifteen,” Jollif states jokingly.


Jollif plans to continue to make food late into this semester and beyond.