Technical Difficulties: Offensive Line Struggles Lead to OSU’s First Loss in Lubbock Since 2008


Oklahoma State's Spencer Sanders (3) pushes with Bryce Bray (78) and Johnny Wilson (72) during the Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech football game on Saturday, October 5, 2019, at Jones AT&T Stadium.

LUBBOCK, Texas -- A week can make a huge difference in college football.

Last week, Oklahoma State beat No. 24 Kansas State 26-13 and had 526 total yards.

This week was a different story. 

OSU came into this game averaging 40.8 points per game.

Texas Tech’s defense brought that average down.

OSU’s 45-35 loss to Texas Tech is its first loss in Lubbock since 2008.

A contributing factor to this loss was poor protection from the offensive line.

“I don’t think we played very well up front,” coach Mike Gundy said. “Particularly from a protection standpoint.”

OSU’s offensive line gave up seven sacks and 14 tackles for loss. Coming into this game, Tech had seven sacks all season.

Texas Tech’s sacks amounted to -39 total yards for Oklahoma State.

Through its first five games, the OSU offensive line ranked 21st in the country in sacks allowed with six.

Last week OSU was without it's two starting offensive tackles, Dylan Galloway and Teven Jenkins, and limited Kansas State to just 2 sacks and 4 TFLs.

This week Jenkins was back, but the line played worse. 

When the offensive line doesn’t protect, it usually has an impact on the quarterback.

Quarterback Spencer Sanders had a career-high two fumbles and three interceptions.

Despite lackluster blocking, Sanders was quick to blame himself for the turnovers, not the line.

“I mean, I had five turnovers,” Sanders said. “Not the offensive line, not the receivers, not the defense. I did. Spencer Sanders had five turnovers. I can’t do that. So I just gotta do better.”

OSU’s five total turnovers was it's most in any game this season. The highest turnover tally OSU had given up prior to this game was two, which it gave up in every game other than week one vs. Oregon State.

Some members of OSU, like offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson, thought the turnovers came from a myriad of issues.

“Yeah we kind of wear all those turnovers as a team, so I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t put it on him per se,” Gleeson said. “There was some things going on on one of them. Protection and some of it’s decision making, some of it’s me. Lose a game like this and you don’t start very well the wealth gets spread around as it relates to some of our errors.”