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Alex Elkins talks about Halo 4 videogame release

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Posted: Monday, November 5, 2012 9:20 pm

If you're anything like myself and Alex, you've probably spent quadruple-digit hours on your XBox gaming console, staring the screen as you compete with friends in a first-person shooter game. For me, the game is Call of Duty, but for Alex it's the Halo series, a video game based on an ongoing war between aliens and humankind.

With tomorrow's release of the newest Halo game, Halo 4, I caught up with Alex to talk about the game, and his past experiences with the Halo games beforehand.

I heard a rumor that you play in Halo tournaments.

Yeah, I was a big Halo player man. I had won a lot of local tournaments but I didn’t win any Major League Gaming tournaments, but I definitely made it up through the ranks.

I’m a Call of Duty guy, but I assume they rank them the same way. What was your highest ranking?

I was usually lower-50’s in general. I don’t really consider this new Halo, Halo Reach, legitimate. They put you in divisions, I mean there’s bronze, silver, gold, onyx, then iron’s before bronze. I got to 50 in general on all the other ones though.

Do you remember your best kill/death ratio stat? Or best accuracy percentage?

In Halo Reach right now, I have a 6:1 ratio I think. I’m pretty sure I hit 12,000 kills and only like 2,000 deaths. I know it’s somewhere around there, but I’m excited to have a clean slate once this new one comes out.

Are you a sniper guy, or do you go for the assault rifles? What’s your style?

I’ve learned to do it all. I’ll come up and get you close-range, or I’ll sit back and get you long-range. I’m really good with the sniper, but I like using the Designated Marksman Rifle too. It just depends on what map we’re playing on and the mood I’m in for the most part, but I like doing it all.

And it comes out soon, do you have any plans for that?

Man, I probably wouldn’t be (at media luncheon) right now if it were out. I like the game because it’s competition. I’m a football player, so I love competition no matter what form it’s in. I go out and compete on the field, then I go home and get online and compete even more. It obviously doesn’t get in the way of football because that’s first priority, but it’s a good way to relax every once in awhile and have a little fun.

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