Column: OSU freshman savors first game day experience at BPS


Oklahoma State's fans chant "U-S-O" as the flags round the field after a field goal during the Oklahoma State vs. McNeese State Football game on Saturday September 7, 2019 at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The smell of popcorn filled the air as I walked into Boone Pickens Stadium for the Oklahoma State football team’s home opener against McNeese State. 

The sea of orange that entered the stadium with me was unlike anything else I had seen. Fans of all ages joined together for the big game.

I could already see the rich traditions and feel the electricity in the air after only five minutes in the stadium. 

As I walked up the stairs to get to my seat, I knew this was about to be the best sports experience of my life. As game time inched closer, I began to get even more excited. After the national anthem, the atmosphere intensified more.

Everyone knew what was about to happen. 

The hype video began to play, and all the fans rose from their seats and stood. We were on our feet for the entirety of the game. 

Next, the famous Kurt Russell quote,“You tell them I’m coming, and hell’s coming with me!” played through the speakers.

Cowboy football was back. 

Fans screamed, fireworks boomed and hands clapped as the Cowboys ran onto the field.

Following kickoff, my heart began to race and I became even more excited to see the new look of the Cowboys. The second play from scrimmage was A.J. Green's beautiful pick six. This game was already exciting. 

OSU continued to obliterate McNeese until the final whistle.

The scoreboard read Oklahoma State 56, McNeese 14.

This was definitely the most fun I have had at a sports game. 

My favorite parts about the game day experience were the pregame videos and performances because they prepared me for the game and got me extremely excited. My eyes did not leave the video board when the hype videos appeared on the screen.

There was not a dull moment in this game, and I can’t wait to be back in Boone Pickens Stadium on Sept. 28 to see the Cowboys face off against Kansas State.