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'How I Met Your Mother' was good, but needed to end

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Posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 7:18 pm

Next Monday, “How I Met Your Mother” will premiere its series finale. 

I started watching HIMYM as a procrastinating freshman, staying up until the wee hours of the morning binge-watching episodes on Netflix. Three years later, I still love Lily, Marshall, Robin, Barney and Ted. However, I can’t say I’m not excited to see them go. 

Now on its ninth season, I miss the witty storylines and heartbreaking episodes from the first few seasons. Lily and Marshall’s wedding was one of my favorite moments, right along with Barney’s semi-believable engagement to a stripper. 

Unfortunately, the gags are stupid and the drama is boring in this last season. I’m not sure why the writers have decided to stray from every wonderful thing about our beloved cast. Ted’s dorky humor, Barney’s hijinks, Marshall’s feel-good attitude and, somehow, Lily and Robin’s careers, have vanished. I realize that this final season is centered on the few days leading up to Robin and Barney’s wedding, but everything we’ve loved about the series is gone to make way for over-dramatized, unnecessary writing that will leave fans staring at their televisions thinking, “What the heck did I just watch?”  

OK, time for a spoiler alert. For those of you who have yet to catch up to the rest of us, avert your gaze.

The show is called “How I Met Your Mother.” The season finale is next Monday, and Ted still hasn’t met the mother. We’ve seen glimpses of their future, but have yet to see Ted and the mother (who still doesn’t have a name) interact in “real time.” I don’t care about Robin and Barney’s wedding. In fact, I think that whole plot point is ridiculous and I don’t like how the writers are tying up loose ends in the romantic department. The writers made the last season of the show into a giant escapade over the drama of a wedding between Ted’s ex-girlfriend and his best friend.  

It’s selfish, but I wanted season nine to have a similar wedding (if there had to be one) to the one between Lily and Marshall. It only took up a few episodes, not the entire season. This way, we could have seen Ted and the mother’s relationship form and grow, rather than just have the knowledge of their future together. I wanted to see something similar to his relationship with Victoria (the baker from seasons one and seven). Victoria was the only girlfriend I liked of Ted’s, and they had obvious chemistry. Unfortunately, it seems as though we will not get to witness the chemistry between Ted and his future wife. 

I have spent countless hours, long nights and lazy weekends watching this series. I can easily say that I am a fan of those five goofs who spent a great deal of time at McLaren’s Pub. Unfortunately, I can also just as easily say that while I will miss catching them Monday evenings, I am not sad to see them go. The good writing of past seasons is long gone, and it is a shame to watch this series sink down to a level of cheap laughs. I will still tune in next week, but I will not hold this finale in as high a regard as the premiere in 2005. 

Kim Hunter is a strategic communications senior.