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Theft ring suspect shot Tuesday while out on bail

Gun (copy)

A 19-year-old out on bail after being arrested on charges of knowingly concealing stolen property was shot Tuesday night in a house described by police as a “hub for illegal activity.”

Witnesses told police that the victim, Dylan Cole Jarrett, had been arguing with a 17-year-old male when the 17-year-old pulled a gun and shot Jarrett once in the chest.

Jarrett was stabilized by Stillwater Fire and Life Net personnel at the scene before being transported to Stillwater Medical Center, according to a press release from the Stillwater Police Department.

The original 9-1-1 caller gave police a description of the car and the name of the shooting suspect, and within thirty minutes of the call the police arrested the suspect near Jardot and Richmond roads. He is currently in custody.

Jarrett was one of eight people the police arrested earlier this year in connection with a string of thefts in the Stillwater area, including one man suspected of having ties to a criminal gang, according to police reports. As of March 4, police had connected the eight people to at least eleven burglaries and larcenies, according to the press release, and were continuing the investigation.

While investigating the theft ring in February, police had searched the house where Jarrett was shot Tuesday night and seized a pistol with a defaced serial number, which was one of three guns recovered during the investigation, according to the press release.

Jarrett had been charged with three counts of knowingly concealing stolen property and one count of removing, defacing or altering the serial number on a firearm. He was out on bail at the time he was shot.

Police ask anyone who may have information about the shooting to call the Stillwater Police Department as (405) 371-4171 or call the anonymous tip line at (405) 742-8327.