The magic of Disney brought to Stillwater

For many programs, the time is now to seek out internships. However, you might find yourself wondering where to even begin.

OSU management and information systems senior Matt Tucker recently had the opportunity to intern for Disney last summer. There, he focused on improving the 'Disney Now' app in Burbank, California. 

Tucker described the application process for this position as extremely competitive. There was only one spot to fill and myriad amount of candidates who wanted it as much as he did. So what made him stand out? 

Tucker attributed his success to his skill of "selling himself" to people. 

"It's all about making a connection," Tucker said. "You can answer questions well, but you can also lose the personality aspect of it. When you're interviewing, you're not just trying to sell where you've been, but you're selling your personality, as well." 

It is a common misconception among students that being book smart will bring you success. Tucker believes this theory is only half of the picture. 

"A lot of time in modern colleges, personal sell skills are overlooked," Tucker said. "You could go to Harvard, or you could go to Cornell and be super intelligent, but if you don't have those personality skills, if you aren't able to be yourself, you're not going to get the job." 

Getting the job is only half of the battle; the other half starts with applying. 

Anyone who has ever applied for anything knows applying is arguably the hardest part. The paperwork is lengthy, and more often than not, nothing comes of it. It can be an extremely discouraging process. Nonetheless, however grueling or disheartening, Tucker argues perseverance is the best attribute you could have during this process to reap success.

"Apply," Tucker said. "Just apply. Don't be discouraged. Don't think they don't want you. Maybe it's just not your time." 

Tucker revealed that this was not the first time he had applied for this same internship. All of those previous attempts didn't even grant him an interview. However, he kept going. Networking was another goal he had in mind. 

"Networking is so important," Tucker said. "Take any opportunity you can just to talk to people. Even if nothing comes of it, at least you got to make that connection." 

Tucker has three key takeaways: Put yourself out there and apply, take any opportunity to network and sell yourself well, and never give up. 

 Today, Tucker's hard work has paid off, and job offers from big-name companies are already presenting themselves. 

"It truly just comes with time," Tucker said. "You won't get it your first try, but if you just keep doing it, your chance will come eventually."