Superintendent of Stillwater Public Schools receives $9,000 raise

Stillwater High School Copy

Stillwater Board of Education voted to give the superintendent a $9,000 raise. 

The superintendent of Stillwater Public Schools received a raise at a contract reevaluation Tuesday at the Board of Education Special Meeting. 

At the meeting, the Stillwater Board of Education unanimously voted to give Marc Moore a $9,000 annual raise from his current $154,534 salary as well as a car allowance per month.

The Board evaluates Moore once a month and reviews his contract once a year. All five members of the Board, as well as Moore, convene in executive session for these evaluations. 

After nearly 90 minutes of deliberation on Moore’s contract at Tuesday’s meeting, the Board presented its desired changes. 

The Stillwater Public School district is ranked 17th in Oklahoma based on size and teacher-to-student ratio. 

As stated in Moore’s current contract, the district provides him a district-funded automobile, health, medical and hospitalization insurance, 20 vacation days, paid sick leave and retirement benefits. 

Camille DeYong, president of the Board, presented the changes the Board made during its executive session to Moore’s 2018-2019 contract.

 “One change to the current contract, which is better for us and better for him, is instead of [Moore] owning a car through the district, he is given a car allowance,” DeYong said.

The amendments to the 2018-2019 contract will be effective from March 1 to June 3.

Following the changes to Moore’s contract for the current year, DeYong addressed the details in his upcoming contract.

Moore’s contract for 2019-2022 will include the same car allowance as the updated current contract states and a salary raise from $154,534 to $163,619. 

“This raise is the raise he would’ve received had he been a classroom teacher in Stillwater Public Schools,” DeYong said. 

Board member Eric Gudgel said he believes, even with the raise, Moore is still “underpaid.”

The Board voted on the amendments separately and the motion was unanimously carried out. Public comment was not allowed on this vote.

Following the vote, Board members spoke highly to Moore, praising him for all he has done for the district.

Bob Graalman, vice president of the Board, said the district is “fortunate to have someone like [Moore] who can take us where we want to go academically.”

Moore said he believes “action is a way of life for Pioneers,” according to his letter to the district, and members of the board said they are confident that he will continue to help Stillwater Public Schools succeed.