SUAB Multicultural Night promotes diversity on campus

Multicultural Night 6

An assortment of the worlds countries a top cupcakes Thursday night at Multicultural Night at the Starlight Terrace.

A variety of identities and nationalities were on display Thursday in the Starlight Terrace for Multicultural Night, hosted by the Student Union Activities Board.

The night brought Oklahoma State University’s cultural clubs and associations together to help students and faculty learn about the many different cultures present on campus. The goal of the night is simple: help foster understanding for all walks of life and to help bring attention to many different student clubs. 

Before the event began, workers came in and decorated the room; hanging flags from different nations around the room. One SUAB worker believes the efforts were worth it.

“This is actually a very good turnout,” said Ke’Ona Herron. “I was doing the sign-ins; it was over 100 people. It was probably more because a lot of people didn’t sign in.”

Everyone who attended was offered a look into the many cultural clubs around campus and what they had to offer. Students could have their name painted in Chinese characters or watch a bachata dance routine, among many other activities. With any luck, the night’s festivities will help clubs bring in more members who are interested in what they saw.

Erik Knatvold is a member of the International Dance Club. He performed his bachata dance in the middle of the crowded ballroom. He hopes his dance will encourage more students to attend the club.

“You can take a study break, learn about a new culture and a new type of dance,” Knatvold said.

He later added that no matter where students are from, there is some kind of organization or group they can “fit right into.”

The night was also a way for the clubs to promote their own events. The Asian American Student Association brought paper ninja stars and pamphlets advertising the Mr. and Miss Asian OSU Scholarship Pageant, which will take place after Spring Break.

Although the clubs make Multicultural Night happen, it’s the students and faculty who attend that give it reason to exist. Camryn Chitty is a sophomore at OSU who is fascinated by the many different cultures and had nothing but positive words for the event.

“I think it’s really important that people get experience with other cultures and learn about it,” Chitty said.