Grocery store chain coming to Stillwater - : Stillwater

Grocery store chain coming to Stillwater

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Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2013 6:15 pm

    Stillwater citizens will get another choice to shop for food as a grocery store chain will build a store at 1188 N. Perkins.

    ALDI, a discount grocery store, submitted an application on Nov. 21, 2012, for a permit to build a store at the location on Perkins Road, according to Stillwater Development Services.

    Mayor John Bartley said along with a new grocery store, Stillwater will also get a new traffic signal and a turn lane at the same location to accommodate traffic.

Bartley said the city entered into an economic agreement with ALDI in which the company will pay for the traffic signal and turn lane, and the city will pay the company back within a seven-year period.

The city anticipates ALDI will begin construction within the next few months, Bartley said.

“ALDI came to us, so the ball is their court,” Bartley said.

    The company will build next to the Dollar Tree, and the new store will be among several grocery stores in Stillwater.

    For some in the Stillwater community, another grocery store is good for the city.    Brandon Dyer, a music major at Oklahoma State University, said another grocery store helps Stillwater grow as a city.

    “I think it will be good,” Dyer said. “It will give people some more variety where they shop at grocery stores.”

    For others, another grocery store is a bad idea for Stillwater because it all ready has plenty of grocery stores for citizens to choose from, such as Food Pyramid and Consumers.

    For Julie Thomas, a citizen of Stillwater, said there are enough grocery stores in Stillwater.

    “I don’t think we need another grocery store,” Thomas said. “I’m happy with the status quo.”

     North of McElroy Road, Stillwater doesn’t have any grocery stores, and a closer grocery store is convenient for some citizens living north of town.

    Ashley Bryant, a citizen of Stillwater, said Stillwater needs a place to shop for food on that side of town.

    “It’s going to be good on that side of town,” Bryant said. “I used to live at Cowboy Town. We had to come all this way to get anything.”