SGA passes bill of recommendation to bring scooters back


The Oklahoma State Student Government Association passed a bill recommending that the scooters come back to Oklahoma State.

The bill amendments would remove Bird and Lime Scooter Companies from the forwarding list. Sen. Yuki Clarke said the bill is echoing the sentiments of the students but gives SGA a way to be a part of the process.

The senate debated the bill in its entirety, including the decision to recommend bringing the scooters back to campus.

“We have never had a bill come to senate that we have put through without talking to the administration first about feasibility and implementation,” Sen. Mason Russell said, addressing the senate. 

Russell stressed the importance of having the correct information before passing the bill.

“This does not need to be the first thing we have that we do not get the correct input on,” Russell said. 

Despite some of the senators' opposition to the legislation, the senate decided to pass the bill and will recommend scooters be brought back on campus to the administration.

After the senate was dismissed, Russell explained why he was opposed to the bill.

“I know we are the voice of the students," Russell said. "We should be and are representing the students, but speaking with the administration to understand feasibility and why things should be done and have been done is something that I think is very important."

Sen. Franklin Kaleka said he supported the bill.

“I think that a lot of the confusion had to do with whether we actually had the power to make regulations, when all we were really doing was conveying what the student body felt was important,” Kaleka said.

Kaleka said the number of students who signed the petition to bring the scooters back on campus should not be taken lightly.

“That number of students, many who probably opened the email and didn’t respond to it, that tells me that we clearly have an obligation to convey our message,” Kaleka said.