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SGA discusses lack of new legislation, Supreme Court bylaw changes at Wednesday meeting

SGA Senate

Jaden Kasitz, Holland Gray and Erica Wiebe take roll at SGA Senate's meeting on Jan. 30, 2019 at Oklahoma State University.

The amount of legislation on the docket each week is slowly becoming a cause for concern for the Student Government Association.

The SGA discussed the issue of a lack of new legislation near the end of its weekly meeting, after Senate Chair Holland Gray chose to bring up the issue, which wasn’t explicitly on the agenda. Gray was unimpressed with the effort some of the senators have put into their time in SGA.

“We just haven’t had senators offering legislation like we have in the past.” Gray said. “Last year by now, we only have two or three senate meetings left, we would have had about 10 to 12 things on our docket every night. Whereas now, we’d be between two and five things on our docket every night.”

The senate opened nominations for the PAC Chair, University Chair, Senate Vice Chair and Senate Chair positions. Gray, the current Senate Chair, is ineligible to rerun for the position next semester.

Chair nominations must remain open for a week in order for the senate members to have enough time to consider the nominations.

Senate Vice chair Jaden Kasitz and Sen. Marcus Heald both accepted nominations for Senate Chair.

The Student Veterans Association attended the senate meeting. The SGA allocated $1,000 to the SVA to help make their tailgate more welcoming to student veterans. The SGA also gave the Muslim Student Association $1,000. Sen. Joshua Fisher explained the importance of the money the SGA gave the Student Veterans Association.

“The Student Veterans Organization came up with a plan to set up a tailgate, cook, provide food,” Fisher said. “And now that they can stream the game and be a part of the football festivities, that could bring more veterans and family members of veterans into our community.”

Fisher reiterated the importance of The Wall that Heals. It will be at OSU on April 18-21 so veterans who cannot travel to the Vietnam Memorial have a way to get the experience.

“I’m thankful that Oklahoma State has gotten behind and helped facilitate this because it is going to mean a lot to a lot of people within our community and outside communities.” Fisher said.

The senate confirmed multiple changes to the Supreme Court Appointment process stated in the SGA bylaws. Some of the changes include removing the name of justices that are impeached or kicked out of the OSU Supreme Court in O’Colly advertisements and cutting the time for new justices to be confirmed from six weeks to two weeks. Supreme Court Chief Justice Preston Lewis was present for the meeting.

“I’m hoping that the new legislation will allow us to be more involved because right now, only the chief justice is required to go once a month to senate and a couple of other things that make me more involved, but the justices are pretty much only involved when we have a hearing.”

Lewis said that the other justices could only be needed one or two times a year, compared to the chief justice having to go to senate once a month, and thinks that the amended legislation can help them be more familiar faces in the SGA.