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Runoff candidates decided after SGA Supreme Court releases findings

SGA debate 13- O'Colly

Presidential candidates; Kaitlyn Kirksey, Jake Swanson and Kayla Dunn at the SGA Student Body Presidential and Vice Presidential debate, Wednesday in Engineering North 108.

Next year's Student Body President will be determined from the results of the runoff election being held Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Students will vote between the Kirksey/Ball campaign and the Dunn/Gragg campaign from the original election in the runoff.

The candidates had all been accused of campaign infractions that required the SGA Supreme Court’s opinion last week.

The results of the original election were released after the announcement. The Dunn/Gragg campaign led the vote with 1436 votes, while the Kirksey/Ball campaign received 1010 votes and the Swanson/Chancelor campaign received 965 votes.

The Swanson/Chancelor campaign was eliminated from the runoff because they had the least votes of the candidate pairings. No candidates were disqualified from the election because of the Supreme Court’s decision.

The SGA Supreme Court found the Dunn/Gragg campaign was assessed a level 2 penalty which prohibits the candidates and campaign staff from creating and distributing new campaign material according to the SGA bylaws. The Dunn/Gragg campaign was also assessed a level 1 penalty which is a written warning, according to the bylaws. The SGA Supreme Court sided with the candidates on the remaining four cases they were presented with.

The SGA Supreme Court took five days to come to its decision.

The final announcements from the runoff will be made available on social media after voting closes Wednesday evening.