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OSU Theatre department offers new musical take on “Oklahoma!”

Oklahoma! Poster

Oklahoma State University Theatre department will be hosting the musical "Oklahoma!"

This Thursday through Sunday, the Oklahoma State University Theatre Department is presenting the Rodgers and Hammerstein production of “Oklahoma!” with its own special twist.

Megan Barth Argo, the musical director said that this production will have a different spin than the production most are familiar with.

“Because it is so iconic for us as a state we wanted to focus on that history and honor that time period and be true to that tradition,” Argo said.

This change of perspective means a few things change; the colors are more earthy and the music will also be slightly different than the classic musical numbers of Rodgers and Hammerstein production.

“Musically, something that we have done a little differently is that the orchestra is mostly brass and woodwinds and we have two percussion and then we have piano,” Argo said. “But I think the brass gives it kind of a brighter quality and also with the dances it gives a lot more rhythm and structure for the dances than a different type of orchestration would. It gives it a fresh perspective as well.”

A fresh perspective is also coming in the form of guest director and choreographer Ann Cooley. Cooley and Argo worked together to create a different take on the familiar state musical.

“Similarly we had very similar visions for the show,” Argo said. “We wanted the show to be something very much what it was in 1906, which is when the show is set and something that was real life.”

This new vision for the production was meant to explore the different aspects and to create a different connection that audiences may not have seen before.

“Seeing different demographics featured throughout really brings the show to life and allows people to connect with it more one on one than something that’s a little more heightened,” Argo said. “I know that I’d love for people to walk away and think of this particular production as commemorating what a great honor it is to have our state and to just remember that is… it is a show of new beginnings.”

The Thursday, Friday and Saturday showings will be at 7:30 p.m. and the Sunday showing will be at 2:30 p.m. All showing will be held in the Seretean Center with general admission at $15 and $10 for students.