New SGA supreme court justice elected


Members of the Student Government Association rise for the pledge of allegiance at the start of the Wednesday 09/13/2017 SGA meeting. 

The Student Government Association Senate elected a new SGA Supreme Court Justice in their final October meeting.

Payton Dougherty, an SGA Senator for the College of Arts & Sciences, was approved in a 44-0 decision by the SGA Senate.

Dougherty is a political science and philosophy double major with a minor in law and legal studies. She said she already has plans for what she wants to do with her new position.

“Well, I’m hoping that we can add a moot court competition to the Supreme Court in the future,” Dougherty said. “Which I know some other people are hoping to do and since I’m in a moot court competition now, I’d love to be a justice for that.”

When the Senate meeting came back from recess, Senator Dougherty was sworn in as an SGA Supreme Court Justice. Noah Murphey, the Vice Chair of the SGA Senate, said Dougherty’s appointment helps the organization greatly after a recent graduating class left only two justices remaining.

“The SGA president opened up applications to all students around the campus who qualified, those qualifications being that they were not a first semester freshman and that they had above a 2.0 GPA on campus,” Murphey said. “She then reviewed the applications with her Chief of Staff, and they chose applicants who seemed to have the best fit. Senator Dougherty seemed to be one of the ones that had a very good fit for the Supreme Court and so she was then appointed to the supreme court through an approval process through the internal affairs committee and then approval by the senate as a whole.”

After Dougherty’s swearing in, the meeting turned to reports from organization executives and senate members. During this time, a focus group study about Kerr-Drummond dining hall was addressed. According to the study, students focused on replacing the 20-Something convenience store with a dedicated grocery store and requested more name-brand dining options to draw traffic from the Union.

Three new organizations were recognized, and five organizations were approved for budget co-sponsoring from the senate. These budget approvals were all for minority focused organizations. The budgets were approved to help fund events and outreach programs by each organization.

The organizations that were co-sponsored are the Minority Women’s Association, the Saudi Student Association, the Almighty S, the African Student Organization and the Latino Business Student Association. The organizations that were registered for SGA were the Astronomy and Astrophysics Club, the OSU Fly Fishing Organization and the Nazarene Student Ministry.

“The most common things that we do for those groups is we’ll help them put on events and kind of outreach to different students in an effort to make sure that those groups can provide a good experience for their students,” said Marcus Heald, the Senate Chairman for SGA. “Also, part of that is we get recognized for that and people can kind of see what we’re doing for those organizations.”

The issue of constitutional open carry being legalized in November was addressed and the senate was informed that the university will uphold their ban on all firearms. The shooting scare from Oct. 15 was also addressed. It was decided that while the situation proved to be a false alarm, the response from authorities showed the university’s preparedness for such a threat.

The meeting was adjourned after about one hour and 20 minutes. With the approval of several budget adjustments, the recognition of new organizations and the appointment of a new justice, Noah Murphey said it was an overall productive meeting.