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Kappa Alpha Theta withdraws application at City Council meeting

City Council 3/11 Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta withdrew their rezoning application at the City Council meeting on Monday. 

The Kappa Alpha Theta map amendment was not voted on; instead, Theta withdrew their application before the City Council meeting on Monday night.

When the amendment was brought up at the meeting, the council did not speak on the agenda item because two weeks prior, the planning commission committee unanimously agreed the City Council should not approve the rezoning for a parking lot for Theta.

Even though Theta withdrew their application, they can reapply for the map amendment at any time. If they want to try and get the map amendment approved, they will have to restart the application process all over again.

Paula Dennison, the assistant city manager, explained the City Council’s decision not vote to on the map amendment.

“The planning commission told the City Council to not approve the rezoning request,” Dennison said. “If the public hearing had been open tonight by the mayor and they had withdrawn at that time, they would be restricted to file a rezoning for 12 consecutive months.”

City Manager Norman McNickle also shared a similar opinion to Dennison's on the map amendment.

“The application to rezone the property, to put in a parking lot was withdrawn by the applicant,” McNickle said. “The council would have acted on this one way or the other tonight.”

Also at the City Council meeting was Westwood Neighborhood Association President, Juli Lambert. She shared her thoughts on the map amendment made by Kappa Alpha Theta.

“I think they realized that this wasn’t the way to solve the problem,” Lambert said. “My understanding is that the city now is going to consider something for all of the Greek community to add additional parking. The problem will be solved in a different way.”

The City Council did not vote on the agenda item regarding Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. Instead, they have a plan that will benefit the whole Greek community.

If they get the plan approved by City Council, the Greek life community would not have to worry about not finding a spot to park and getting a ticket.