Joe Weaver discussed Bird scooter ban at SGA meeting Wednesday

Health Sciences Bird

A Bird scooter sits unused outside of the Health Sciences building.  

The Bird scooters around Oklahoma State University’s campus were the primary topic of discussion for the school’s Student Government Association at its Wednesday meeting. 

The SGA hosted OSU Vice President for Administration and Finance Joe Weaver to discuss the issue with the senate.

“The companies that came up on campus didn’t ask for permission, they didn’t call ahead of time, they didn’t say ‘Can we enter into a contract with you?’ They just showed up.” Weaver said. 

Bird failed to cooperate with the university during the semester.

“They told us there were 100 scooters,” Weaver said. "There are more than 100 scooters, we figured out in time.” 

“It was clear that they had not been totally honest with us about how many scooters there were.” Weaver said. “We were passing on complaints about ADA accessibility, where they were being parked, the speed, those sorts of things.” 

Weaver said the university reached out to the company with little results. 

“We reached out to them, after we figured out who they were,” Weaver said. “They just frankly weren’t being responsive.”

Weaver said the scooters have been problematic for people who use wheelchairs. 

“People in wheelchairs deserve to be able to get around. It’s a matter of federal law, but it’s also a matter of right and wrong,” Weaver said.  

SGA president Chase Blevins discussed the topic during his report. 

 Bird offered SGA money to go against the administration’s decision and permit Birds on campus. 

“They offered us a dollar a day, per bird, per ride, per scooter.” Blevins said. “The estimate was $60,000.”

Blevins addressed the senate about the money Bird offered. 

“The relationship with the administration is more important than the money,” Blevins said. 

Blevins said he was concerned with the way that Bird handled the situation. “The way their business practice was conducted was very iffy to me and kind of unethical in a way.” Blevins said.