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Crime notes: vandalism, embezzlement and trespassing

Stillwater Regional Airport

Softball Field Vandalism

Stillwater police investigated last week after someone vandalized the softball field on West Airport Road.

Police received a call on April 29 that someone had damaged the infield of the softball field the previous day. About 85 percent of the infield was damaged, according to the police report, and it looked as though numerous people had run around and caused ruts and other damage. The reporting party told police no games had been scheduled for the night before, according to the report.

The reporting party also told police that the field had been redone in November and had cost $4,000. Because of the extent of the damage, the field will have to be redone again, according to the police report.

Because there are no cameras facing the ball field and no signs who might have vandalized it, police have suspended the case, according to the police report.


Police are investigating a report of embezzlement from a paving company doing work at the Stillwater Regional Airport.

A manager at the company told police they had fired the job superintendent at the jobsite at Stillwater Regional Airport when they realized he was purchasing items with the company’s account that were not needed for the jobsite. The company manager told police they had acquired a log of everything purchased from one of the vendors, and an inventory of the items at the jobsite revealed missing items, according to the police report. At the time the report was filed, they were still waiting to get logs from the other vendors, but the company manager estimated the man had been able to obtain at least $5,000 under the company’s accounts.

The manager also told police the suspect had been trying to sell equipment to other employees.

Police are still investigating and no arrests have been made.

Trespassing at a church

Police arrested a man for trespassing April 26, after witnesses saw him loitering around the First United Methodist Church in Stillwater, according to police reports.

The man, who is listed in police documents as being homeless, had been warned for trespassing at the church on April 18. A witness told police he had caused problems at the church several times in the past, according to the police report.

The man was taken to the municipal jail.