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Crime Notes: Burglary from the roof and OSU student arrested on marijuana charges

Police Car

Burglary at a car wash

Stillwater police responded to a report of a burglary at the Orange Pride Car Wash and found a hole in the roof and a 2” pipe sticking out of the back of the bill changer.

The employee arrived at 8:15 a.m. March 24 to open the store and called the police after he found a pipe with an axe head on one end sticking out of the change machine. The owner of the car wash told police that nothing had been touched before police arrived.

The suspect got into the car wash by cutting a hole in the roof, according to the police report. Police found a pair of tin snips on a shelf just below the hole that they believe belonged to the burglar. SPD will send the tool to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to check for fingerprints.

Police are unsure how the suspect got on the roof to begin with, according to the report.

Because the hole in the roof is around 2’ by 2’ and the suspect had not left any blood on the sides of the hole – indicating that he did not cut himself getting in or out – police believe they are looking for a suspect who is small in stature, according to the police report.

The owner of the car wash told police that, while the suspect had been unable to get into the bill changer, he had stolen about $25 in quarters from the store. More serious is the damage to the store and the bill changer, which the report lists as about $12,000 in damage.

Search warrant leads to OSU student arrest

Police arrested an Oklahoma State University student after a search warrant revealed evidence that he was selling marijuana out of his apartment.

Police executed a search warrant on the apartment of Tyler Austin Dean, 21, on the morning of March 27.

The police report states that when police forced open the door with a battering ram, the door hit Dean, giving him a small bump and a cut on the head. Dean was checked by an ambulance before the search continued.

Police found marijuana and a grinder sitting on the coffee table, as well as a large glass jar of marijuana, packing materials, and digitals scales reported to have marijuana residue on them.

Dean’s girlfriend was present at the time, but Dean told police that the apartment belonged to him and he was responsible for everything inside. Dean’s girlfriend has not been charged with anything.

Dean told police he had lost his job three months ago and had been selling marijuana to pay his bills, according to the report.

During the search, police seized more than $1700 in cash and 3.28 ounces of marijuana, which according to the police report has a street value of $800.

Dean was arraigned Thursday and is out on a $1500 bail. His next court appearance is set for May 6.