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City Planning Commission approves medical marijuana growing facility

Stillwater Planning Commission

Members of the Stillwater Planning Commission meet in Stillwater Municipal Building. 

The Stillwater Planning Commission voted Tuesday to approve the specific use permit Psyborg Farms LLC requested for a medical marijuana commercial growing facility.

Psyborg Farms is a new medical cannabis limited liability company (LLC) for Oklahoma, with this being its first location.

The discussion of this agenda item lasted three and a half minutes. During this time, none of the 44 members of the public body in attendance chose to speak for, against or neutrally on the subject.

The only person who got up was Psyborg Farms LLC owner, Matt Mueggenborg, who thanked the commission for its time and the opportunity.

“It’s not over,” Mueggenborg said. “The City Council is next, but it’s still a good step.”

The four-member board voted unanimously. Chairman Brad Rickelman was absent.

“Someone has to be supplying the dispensaries,” said member Cindy Thielman-Braun. “We would want to know that they’re being supplied by a safe, healthy facility.”

The site would be located at 3820 N. Land Run Drive, about half a mile east of Stillwater Regional Airport in the Industrial Light district.

Zoning ordinances and specific-use laws require permit-seekers to go through the Planning Commission as a recommending body, then the City Council as an approving body.

As a recommending body, the Planning Commission considers the use, appropriateness, benefits and disadvantages to a given use or location, Thielman-Braun said.

Following this purpose of the board, board member Vicky Jerome’s vote was more focused on city ordinances than impact.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily my thought of how it’s going to benefit the city of Stillwater,” Jerome said. “If it meets all the requirements and it’s in the proper zoning, you can’t stop it.”

Under state law, cities must allow medical marijuana dispensaries and growing areas. An ordinance was passed in December that said growing facilities must be in an industrial or agricultural district.

Chairman Mike Buchert took this into account for his vote.

“They fit all the requirements,” Buchert said. “I must abide by state and local law, therefore I voted for it.”

The final approval for the marijuana growing facility will be by the City Council on March 11 at 5:30 p.m. It will be held at 723 S. Lewis St in the Municipal Building.