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Back to School on the Right Foot

First Day of School

Students go to and from classes on the first day of school on Aug. 17.

Whether it is a student’s first day of college or first day back to college, there are three things every Oklahoma State student should keep in mind to make it through week one well.

First off, strive to make a good first impression with your professors. 

First impressions are formed in only seven seconds and can be quite difficult to alter, according to the Harvard Study of Communications. Avoid having to backtrack with your professors and simply start the semester off on the right foot.

Read the syllabus and come to class accordingly prepared. Bring something to write with and something to write on. At the very minimum, strive to arrive on time. Professors have an abundance of wisdom and assistance to offer if students are willing to show up.

Second, take advantage of the services OSU has to offer. Tuition and Fees fund a vast array of resources and clubs; utilize them! 

Students have access to resources such as the Colvin, a multimillion dollar, newly-renovated recreation center complete with pools, weights, studios, saunas and even a golf simulator (not to mention the daily workout classes including spin, yoga, total body etc.).

Other tuition and fee funded services include specialized tutoring in places like the Lasso center, MLSC and writing center as well as counseling services and mental health resources. 

Make a point to research what OSU has to offer and take advantage of it.

Finally, talk to strangers! This may not be a classic nugget of wisdom, but the purpose is important. Meeting new people provides the possibly to form quality, joyous friendships. Whether a senior with a solid core group of friends or a freshman arriving to a sea of strangers, getting out and meeting new people is essential to a happy life. 

Harvard’s Grant Study conducted a 90-year long study on what makes a good life. The study found that more than good genes, wealth or health, love was the key to longevity. People who loved others deeply and were loved deeply in return lived noticeably longer and healthier lives than their counterparts. 

Resilient relationships are not born from a three-day Netflix binge-session alone in a dorm. They are born from saying hello and shared experience, so talk to some strangers.

August 19th looms and with it so does the promise of a whole semester. All in all, know what OSU has to offer and take advantage of it, make a solid first impression and love fellow cowboys well.