SUAB's Coffee House Series showcases OSU talent

The Student Union Activities Board hosted the Coffeehouse Showcase in the Student Union Theater on Wednesday night.

The performance displayed talented singers, saxophonists, dancers and even a comedian.

The show began with three separate opera singers, representing Oklahoma State University's Opera.

Erika Skinner began the show with a floaty rendition of “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera. When it was time for the character Raul to come in for his part of the duet, Professor Sanders of the Greenwood School of Music surprised the audience with a cameo appearance from the balcony. Then, Matt McKinnon performed “Stars” from Les Miserables in a way that would have made Russell Crowe proud. Last of the opera group was Jenna Elmer, who sang an enthusiastic version of “All That Matters” from Finding Neverland. Her experience in musical theatre resonated in her performance. All three singers showcased the talent that the OSU Opera has to offer, kicking off the show right.

Next on deck was OSU’s Sigma Lambda Alpha sorority. Their routine was energetic and spunky, and was backed by popular songs sung in Spanish. Their first official year on campus was in 2016. The girls proudly shouted their sorority name at the end of their performance, drawing the crowd in for a round of applause. 

After the dance routine from ΣΔΑ, the gentlemen of Pokeappella took the stage. The singers have been involved in many events on campus recently, including the singing of our Alma Mater as a tribute to Boone Pickens. Clayton Headrick introduces the group, and they sang “For the Longest Time” by Billy Joel. This arrangement of the time is always a hit for the a capella group. The men then sang an arrangement created by Headrick of Radiohead hit “Creep”. The performance included solos from Benjamin Pitts, Clayton Headrick, Justin Hughes, David Perez, and Wesley Rice. Once again, Pokeappella knocked it out of the park. 

Next, the lineup took a break from musical performances with a stand-up comedian from South Carolina. His material ranged from sexual jokes about his wife’s friends to comparing stand up comedy to public defecation. His comedy would have been more receptive to an older audience, was not as applicable to college students. He attempted to engage the crowd on several occasions, but a lot of the audience members were not as interactive as he had hoped. Overall, he was able to make the students laugh now and then and gave a decent performance. 

Penultimately, NOSA Saxophone Quartet took the stage. The four students performed a piece written by one of the group’s own, Max Fisher. The piece was reminiscent of traditional jazz, as it began slowly and built. Each saxophonist had their time to shine, including an elaborate solo performance. The solo sounded complex, almost like the performer used improvisation. The tune sounded akin to something heard possibly in a spy movie, or maybe even Pink Panther. A notable highlight was during the solo, the three other musicians walked off stage and let the soloist play, and walked back onstage after a minute or so. It was clear that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the quartet’s performance.  

Lastly, the OSU Hip Hop Dance Crew set the stage for a stellar end of the show. The group was in sync and was having a blast dancing on stage with each other. The audience matched their spirit, and was grooving with the crew as well. The song was an upbeat, popular rap song recognizable to the crowd, and everyone was excited with their performance.  

SUAB has many free events this semester, including a Farmer’s Market on October 8 from 1-3pm, Cowboy Con on October 12 from 2-5pm, and Here Comes Bullet: Pack-a-Horse on October 16 from 1-3pm. Visit for more information on these events.