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Review: ‘What Men Want’ delivers as strong romantic-comedy

'Want Men Want'

Taraji P. Henson stars in "What Men Want." 

“What Men Want” has everything one could want from a girl-powered romcom. A hilarious group of friends, a strong female lead, and a ridiculous story that keeps you laughing.

 Inspired by the hit romantic comedy “What Women Want,” released in 2000, this film follows female sports agent, Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson) as she struggles to climb the ladder in her male-dominant workplace.

When Ali doesn't get the promotion she had been hoping for, her boss tells her that she just does not connect well with men and tells her to stay in her “female lane,” which leaves Ali infuriated and determined to personally sign Jamaal Barry (Shane Paul McGhie), the number one NBA draft pick.

Later that night at her best friend’s Bachelorette party, a psychic is brought in who has her drink a “special tea,” which is actually just Jasmine tea with Marijuana and ecstasy mixed in. After a long night of partying, she wakes up the next morning able to hear men’s thoughts.

This new ability proves to be both a blessing and a curse in Ali’s professional- and romantic- life as she uses it to meet all the unspoken needs and desires of her prospective client. In the process, she meets Will (Aldis Hodge), a bartender, and their relationship only gets more and more complicated as she tries to achieve her goals at work, doing whatever it takes to succeed.

This raunchy comedy keeps the audience laughing through the ridiculous characters, such as the micromanaging ‘dadager,’ the hilarious thoughts of the men throughout the movie, and constant innuendos and vulgar jokes. The cast of this film also includes many stars and cameos from Pete Davidson, Lisa Leslie, Shaquille O’Neil, Adam Silver and many more.

Henson’s performance in this movie is remarkable, bringing a strong female actress into this strong female character. She is perfectly able to embody both the determination and professionalism of Ali Davis, while also being able to intertwine the characters craziness all into the same scene.

The pure talent of Erykah Badu as “Sister,” the crazy psychic/drug dealer, cannot be overlooked. Badu’s performance brought a great amount of hilarity into the film. Her character adds comic relief to an already comedic film and leaves you wanting to see her more and more. From her style to her hilarious commentary and slips about using websites and cocaine to inspire her ‘psychic abilities,’ Badu is a huge part of this movie’s success, even in such a minor role.

Tracy Morgan’s character of Joe ‘Dolla’ Barry, Jamaal’s dad and manager, also brings in a hilarious exaggeration of parents in the sports industry, or any industry of fame for that matter.

“What Men Want” is a hilarious film that checks all the boxes for a great romantic comedy. This film is a must-see and would be great for any date night, girl’s night or any excuse you can think of to get out and see this movie as soon as you can.