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Review: ‘Trench’ offers unique blend of genres

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots released album "Trench," Oct. 5, 2018.

Two best friends from Columbus, Ohio who make up the alternative group Twenty One Pilots, released their latest album, “Trench,” Oct. 5, 2018.

Much like the group’s previous music, the album is a mix of an alternative punk sound with soft raps and ukulele strums.

The group first released the single “Jumpsuit” in which they stay true to their roots with upbeat yet chillingly raw lyrics “I’ll be right there, but you’ll have to grab my throat and be right there, if you need anyone.”

The band covers difficult topics such as depression, anxiety and multiple personalities while masking them in a fun way through their electrifying guitar riffs.

The third track on the album “My Blood” gives off a very dance-like disco beat, making it the perfect song for a night out dancing with friends. Throughout this track and the album, the band stays true to their roots with soft instrumental breaks that include intricate rap verses.

“Pet Cheetah” is the track to set the tone for this album. It starts with a smooth and slow verse that progresses into a hard rap, techno break down. The song switches between lyrically challenging verses into smoother choruses that conclude with in an eerie muffled background audio.

For the band it is deeper than the music, it is a way to express emotion and cope with on-going personal issues. While listening to this album compared to the others, fans can tell that the Ohio natives took time to regroup and find their roots before releasing “Trench.”

The same day the album dropped, Twenty One Pilots put out a music video for the track titled “My Blood.” The video tells a chilling story of a young boy growing up in a troubled home with no one but his own blood sibling.

Although every track on this album is a well-written emotional ballad, the shining star is the closing song, “Leave the City.”  On this track, two make a promise to stay alive while explaining they needed a “change of pace last year,” hinting at the reason for their hiatus.

The band was sure to not disappoint fans with this album while staying true to their sound. “Trench” is now available on Apple Music, Spotify and other listening forums.