Review: 'The WIZRD' offers soul-baring rap


FUTURE releases seventh studio album "The WIZRD."

After a relatively quiet 2018, Future starts 2019 with his seventh studio album, “Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD.”

Future returns with his signature trap flows over beats from several well-known producers including Southside, Tay Keith, TM88 and Wheezy. Within the first few songs, it is apparent the quality of this album is a step above the quality of his previous work. 

The first track, “Never Stop,” kicks the album off with an introspective theme. He raps about getting shot in his youth and growing up in his Uncle Rico’s basement, the birthplace of the legendary Atlanta rap duo Outkast.

Introspection is a major point of this album. “Temptation,” a Tay Keith-produced track that plays out like a modern trap ballad, shows Future expressing the struggles he faces within his lifestyle. 

The pain in his voice is apparent as he croons about drug problems and lost friends.

The overall theme of the album comes to fruition on the 12th track, “Krazy but True.” As Future calls out the influence he has over his peers and demands respect, he repeats the line, “it’s crazy, but it’s true.” It is that line that flawlessly expresses the feeling every song on “The WIZRD” gives.

Future lives a different lifestyle than most. Not many people can say they’re “hoppin on and off the jet” on a daily basis. He raps about jewelry worth more than college tuition. He brags about getting one million dollars for a single show, then turning around and spending the same amount on his kids. It’s crazy, but it’s true.

Future’s ability to speak about insane, real-life situations is what makes his music so addicting. Growing up in Atlanta and being in the basement where Outkast was created left an impact on Future. His sound is an obvious modern interpretation of the stories that Andre 3000 and Big Boi would spit on the beats that Future’s uncle crafted. The Atlanta sound is most apparent on “Unicorn Purp,” where Future teams up with fellow Atlanta rappers Young Thug and Gunna for a banger to heat the same streets that Future grew up on.

However, it isn’t just what Future is saying, it’s how he is saying it. Future has the unique ability to express his emotions so strongly in his voice that you can feel it. On tracks like “Promise U That,” “Baptiize” and “Ain’t Coming Back,” Future is releasing his pain through the tracks. On the other end, “F&N,” “Call the Coroner” and “Faceshot” are Future unleashing his anger. Future’s ability to express his emotions so clearly in his raps sets him apart from his peers. 

“The WIZRD” is Future baring his soul to the world. It is a balance of deep cut tracks and chart-climbing bangers. It’s a testament of the modern rockstar lifestyle that so many rappers live in. It’s crazy, but it’s true.