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Review: St. Paul & The Broken Bones create best album yet

St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Alabama natives St. Paul & The Broken Bones have evolved through the years.

With their third album “Young Sick Camellia," they had some experimental fun.

Since they established themselves as legitimate groove masters with the release of their first album “Half the City,” St. Paul & The Broken Bones have been on a mission to show a classy style of music can still get the party going.

Usually rooted deep in soul and funk, the band decided to show some flair with disco sounds and sonic samples. The third track “GotItBad” will remind listeners of their favorite ‘70s hits. The song also shows off lead singer Paul Janeway’s fantastic falsetto.

"Apollo," the first single released from the album, has a slight pop style to it that many fans disliked. Some critics claimed the band was selling out like so many other artists have done. The band's slight deviation from its core style lets it flex its ability to have fun with its craft.

“Convex," perhaps the best song, shows just how hard the band can groove. With the horn section blasting away, it is hard not to bob your head and move your feet. St. Paul & The Broken Bones brought in big-time R&B and hip-hop producer Jack Splash, and it shows on tracks such as “Mr. Invisible.”

This album has a more inward approach to it than the band's second album “Sea of Noise.” That album touched on some societal issues, but this latest piece of work has more to do with subjects that include family legacy, morality, home states and more. The camellia is Alabama’s state flower. There are a few interludes in this album, all featuring Janeway’s grandfather. They might seem like quirky audio snips the band added to be funny, but they are the backbone of this album.

The album winds down with “Bruised Fruit,” a slowly progressing, smooth ballad.

“Young Sick Camellia” is, without a doubt, the band’s best work so far. Upbeat funk, hard-rocking groove and sensational jazz combine for a seamless, entertaining album. Listeners can expect St. Paul & The Broken Bones to get people moving whenever they are on stage. Do yourself a favor. Listen to their music, and see when they will perform in a town near you.