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Review: Red Velvet explores a familiar concept with new maturity in “The ReVe Festival Day 2”


Red is certainly a summer color, specifically the red side of Red Velvet with their second extend play titled “The ReVe Festival Day 2”.

The EP topped the worldwide Itunes album chart with it’s bright, cheerful summertime vibes. Overall, the group revisits the theme of their mega hit “Red Flavor,” but expand on it with a more developed group dynamic. 

Though the summer has ended for students, the title track “Umpah Umpah” captures the bright, bubbly feel of vacation. The girls’ chant of “Umpah Umpah” follows deep, automated voices over a beat matching the percussion of the words.

Seulgi’s higher voice takes over from the deeper ones and gives a refreshing sound the song needs as it starts off. Everyone gets a turn as the song leads up to the chorus with all the girls singing.

The chorus displays Red Velvet’s powerful vocals and allows the group to shine, not just an individual member. The highlight of the song is Yeri and Irene’s rap.

It causes the feel of the song to change, which keeps the listener engaged in the music. Long-time fans will enjoy callouts to their older songs with a similar style such as “Dumb Dumb,” “Red Flavor” and “Ice Cream Cake.”  

The EP keeps up the upbeat summertime vibe with “Carpool.” Joy starts off the song with her soft voice over the clapping beat, which quickly causes the mood of the song to increase.

Seulgi then carries the vibe to Yeri and Irene’s section, where she speeds things up and the beat quickens adding to the excitmentment of the overall song. They hand it off to Wendy with her powerful vocals, charging up the song to go into the chorus. At least that’s what the audience would expect, but Joy comes back to slow the song down to the original tempo.

In the actual pre-chorus, Irene and Yeri work to bring the beat back up to add to the dramatic effect of Seulgi starting off the chorus. This switch from speeding things up to slowing them down continues through the song and keeps the listener pumped and excited. 

“Jumpin’” and “Ladies Night” follow in the example of the others songs as classic summer singles, but also show the maturity Red Velvet has gained over the past summer comebacks.

With an opening of base heavy trumpets and Wendy’s deeper speaking voice, “Jumpin’” quickly evolves into an upbeat clapping beat with Seugli’s smooth lower tone, punctuated by Irene’s naturally lower register. The chorus again surprises the audience by switching from the chill vibe of the verses to a hyper haramany between all the members and pulsing bass.

“Ladies Night” starts off like an old school Disney song. However, with the added trumpets and the girls’ softer mellow vocals, the track gives off a classy jazzy feel. At least until the chorus where it quickly builds to be a fun swanky vibe with the girl’s sharing the chorus again with highlights for Wendy, Joy, Seulgi and Yeri. 

The only oddball song is “Eyes Locked, Hands Locked.” The slow song has a soft snapping beat and the members’ delicate vocals at the opening don’t match the happy upbeat songs of the rest of the EP.

The slow song emphasizes the differences in the girls voices through the first verse before joining together for a powerful chorus. 

“The ReVe Festival Day 2” allowed Red Velvet to revisit the concept that defined their early career and expanded on it by adding their experience from exploring other genres.

The EP gives summer vibes expected from the queens of the summer comeback while also showing their musical development.