Review: “7” offers new trendy twist on old music

David Guetta

David Guetta released new album "7," Sept. 14, 2018.

With new album “7,” David Guetta brings a trendy twist to his old sound.

EDM artist David Guetta brings fans a similar taste of his original sound with his 7th album, “7”.

The album is split with 15 songs by David Guetta and 10 by Jack Back (Guetta’s record label). Presumably Jack Back is David Guetta, he is just going by a different name. His first 15 songs are a pop spin on his original sound.

The last 10 offer a greater EDM feel. “7” has multiple collaborations including Lil Uzi Vert, Bebe Rexah, Justin Bieber, Madison Beer, Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy, Sia, Ava Max, Anna Marie, Faouzia, Willy William, Saweetie, Jess Glynne, Mally Mall, and J Balvin. While the featured list may be extravagant, the other artists do not over shadow Guetta’s talent.

His “Para que te quedes” featuring J Balvin adds a Latin melody to the album, unlike most songs fans have heard from Guetta. This track has no English words included. This daring beat is different from what fans know, but Guetta pulls it off.

Tracks “Freedom” and  “Blame it on Love” featuring Madison Beer and CeCe Rogers preach to fans to be free. It sends a message to fans to be themselves and love unapologetically. Paired with a rhythm that rises and falls stimulates fans imagination.

The track “Blame it on Love” featuring Madison Beer makes fans want to get up and dance.

Guetta is making beats that are as new as he has, but “Flames” featuring Sia reminds fans they are listening to Guetta’s original sound. “Titanium,” Guetta and Sia’s 2011 hit compares to “Flames” but still has its own diverse beat.

The EDM beat that fans love to bounce their head to is present in track 9, “Think Think Think,” by Jack Back. This track has no words included and is EDM at its finest. The track has a rise and fall of the beat and a rhythm that sounds like someone is snapping their fingers. This track is defiantly a hype, rave song.

The world knows Guetta first as a remixer of different tracks that were not originally his. He added Jack Back 2018 Remix “Just a Little More Love” featuring Chris Willis as the last track on the album. He released two versions of his “Just a little more love” on his 2002 album.

Guetta’s 2018 remix track brings back classic Guetta, but adds a positive message. Lyrics “Just a little more love, Just a little more peace. Its all it takes to live a dream.” encourage fans to love just a little more.

Guetta delivers a one-of-a-kind piece once again, and fans can hope he continues his work.