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Review: Meghan Trainor delivers pre-release in anticipation of new album

Meghan Trainor

“All About That Bass” artist Meghan Trainor is set to release her album “TREAT MYSELF” in 2019.

Trainor has already given fans a glimpse of what’s to come with a five-track pre-release. She exceeds expectations with her five self-assured songs, “CAN’T DANCE,” “ALL THE WAYS,” “LET YOU BE RIGHT,” “NO EXCUSES” and “TREAT MYSELF.” All five songs give a sense of empowerment to listeners. The common Trainor theme is reflected once again in this album. Listeners should expect the rest of the album to follow this pattern as well.

She brings her daring personality into all five songs. In this pre-release, Trainor created a catchy sound that will run through fans' heads for weeks. It sets out to empower fans with its messages.

In Trainor's compelling song “TREAT MYSELF,” she inspires her listeners to give themselves a round of applause. The line, “I'm gon’ be good to me, you could be good to you,” exudes positivity and encourages others to do the same. It seems these are the same confident songs fans have heard and will continue to hear.

She released “NO EXCUSES” in March to kick off her new album. It focuses on respect and points out she will not settle for anything less. The lines, “Your mama raised you better than that,” and, “You must have confused me, confused me with someone else,” show how she views respect. She has high standards for herself and expects the same of others. If others do not, they must have her confused with someone else.

Her tracks “CAN’T DANCE,” “ALL THE WAYS” and “LET YOU BE RIGHT” add a powerful beat to the album. These songs not only empower but also make listeners want to get up and dance. 

Fans expected Trainor to release her full 15-track album in August, but she pushed it back until January 2019. No collaborations have been announced for this album. Trainor is an artist who can stand alone, once again proving she is self-assured. She sets out to surpass fans’ expectations and succeeds with this pre-release.  

She has kept her female empowerment ideals in her music. Fans should expect nothing less when the other 10 songs are released in January. This courageous woman who demands to be treated how she wants will follow her usual pattern. Trainor will presumably bring the radio many memorable hits.