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Review: Liam Payne asserts his solo sound in first EP

Liam Payne First Time EP

Liam Payne, former member of One Direction, released his solo EP "First Time" on Aug. 24.

After years of being a member of One Direction, Liam Payne has established himself as a solo artist.

The music that he made with One Direction was memorable but he develops his own style of music in this highly anticipated EP album. Fans who enjoy his song, “Strip That Down,” will more than likely enjoy this album.

While the songs in this EP are different, it appears Payne established a specific sound to his music. This sound is similar to a laid back R&B, where the verses emulate a sing-songy rap style and the choruses are catchy.

“First Time,” the lead single of the EP, has a great hook. Other than the hook the song does not add much, especially French Montana’s verse. Usually a featured rap verse adds energy into a song, but French Montana just dragged the song.

“Home With You” is the least exciting song in the album, because it sounds overdone. The lyrical interpretation of the song is similar to that of a million others and the beat gets boring after listening to the first minute of the song.

“Depend On It,” a slow ballad, is somber. The song describes the feeling of falling out of love. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics in this song are the most complex in the album. If listeners were to listen to this album again, “Depend On It” would be the one they should listen to first.

The last song on the album, “Slow,” is captivating. “Slow” follows a relationship that is bound to fail in the end, which is similar to the theme of “Depend On It.” Payne is digging deep in these two songs and creating music that speaks to him and listeners.

In this EP, Payne has created his own sound that is unfamiliar to the music of One Direction. By doing so, he has allowed himself to step outside of the light of One Direction and establish himself as an artist. While he will never be able to leave his One Direction roots behind, he proves he can execute an album successfully as an individual.