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Review: ‘6lack’ creates unique sound in new album


6lack releases "East Atlanta Love Letter," Sept. 14, 2018. 

6lack’s unique sound continues to grow his fan base.

6lack’s (pronounced “black”) new album may get him one step closer to becoming a superstar. 

The new 14-song album “East Atlanta Love Letter,” seems to be a tribute of sorts. It’s not comparable to the city love in Kanye West’s “Homecoming” or Fat Joes “Bronx Tales.” Instead, 6lack decides to focus his album on the fickle part of love. He wants fans to feel how both sides of a crumbling relationship work.

While listening to this album, the emotion is clear in his voice. He’s more poignant than ever. “I do this cause I need, I need you but you couldn’t see,” he gloomily sings in song “Disconnect.”

Other songs in the album feature a few cleverly rapped songs that reflect back on his career. The stand out songs in this broodingly real album are tracks “Unfair,” “ Pretty Little Fears,” “Disconnect” and “Stan.”

“Unfair” is the very first track of the album. It sets the tone and sticks with listeners throughout the entirety of the album.

“Pretty Little Fears” is a song about two different perspectives on love. 6lack speaks on his failed relationship, while J. Cole gives a verse which seems to be a love poem to his wife.

“Disconnect” follows right after “Pretty Little Fears.” This give 6lack a platform to speak on why a certain relationship was toxic. Finally, listeners get “Stan,” the final track of the album and also the most beautiful. 6lack puts his best vocals to work here and confesses his undying love for a girl. 

6lack is successful because he focuses on the perfection of the album overall instead of releasing singles. The project starts with a powerful opener that gives the message of rejection. In the second track, he deals with the repercussions of someone leaving. The transition between the first and second track is so seamless that the introduction to the second song is hard to distinguish.

“Free 6lack” (his first studio album released in 2016) had no features, his second studio effort, however, is filled with a wide range of appearances. J. Cole, Future, Offset, and Khalid are all featured on their own separate songs.

This is a pretty unique crew, all offering different vibes and for the most part, drastically different music. 6lack found his sound and now is running away with it.

This album is definitely a step forward for the hopeful artist. Name confusion aside, 6lack has found his way into the door, and he’s only going up.