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Review: Do not enter the confusing plot of Netflix's 'The Open House'

The Open House

The writers of the Netflix original “The Open House” propose many questions to the audience about what happens when unsuspecting homeowners let strangers into their home. Viewers of the movie have in turn proposed a question to the writers: “How could such an interesting concept be wasted on such a bland movie?”

The plot was seriously lacking in development, and the writers seemed to give up at the end. The few interesting moments in the movie are seriously disturbing.

The movie opens with the death of Brian Wallace, Naomi’s husband and Logan’s father. After his death, Naomi takes up a relative’s offer to stay at a house in the mountains.

When they realize the house is up for sale, they agree to accommodate the realtor by leaving every Sunday during the day so she can conduct her open house. When Logan expresses to his mother his unease of leaving their home in a stranger’s hands, she dismisses him.

The pair soon realizes they will not only be disturbed every weekend by the realtor but also by intrusive neighbors. The audience becomes acquainted with Martha, whose husband may or may not have died.

Every time Martha is questioned about him, she responds differently. The other townspeople act in a similar fashion and drop by frequently without invitation.

Unexplained noises and the repeated disappearance of Logan’s phone have Logan and Naomi at each other’s throats. The water heater keeps going out, and Naomi is forced to go into the basement repeatedly.

Logan becomes spooked and tries to get his mother to rent a hotel room after someone breaks into the house. There seems to be someone taunting them, and audience members must require a lot of patience to find out why.

There are many camera shots that were supposed to heighten the suspense of the film but only lead it to a dead end. The audience members are expected to sit on edge while the camera pans around the hallway with suspenseful music throbbing in the background, but they are never rewarded.

The uninspired plot makes it difficult to decipher whether the actors did more than show up.

The vast amount of pointless camera shots made it seem almost as if the production crew was filming for a virtual open house instead of a horror movie.

The house comes fully stocked with your typical horror amenities. It includes a creepy basement, a steep set of stairs, old appliances that need updated, the privacy of the surrounding woods and neighbors that come by only when they are not needed.

The details for this listing can be found on Netflix’s page. Other horror enthusiasts in the market stopped by and gave their opinions under the Netflix movie review option. The overwhelming response to this open house was: do not take this tour.