Pokes at Poketoberfest

Pretzels, popcorn, bratwurst, root beer and cotton candy galore.

Poketoberfest was in full swing last Thursday as hundreds of Oklahoma State University students gathered outside of the classroom building for a night of free food and entertainment. 

For those able to attend, the Student Union Activities Board had everything from a live band to an October themed selfie background. Adriann Crawford, the board’s Leisure and Entertainment Committee Director, helped organize the event that pays respect toward the original Bavarian wedding celebration. 

"Poketoberfest is what is considered one of the Student Union Activities Board's signature events," Crawford said. "We do it every year during the fall."

While not the only celebration of the Oktoberfest in Oklahoma, Poketoberfest provided attendees with a unique chance to enjoy german food with a Stillwater twist. As seen in the pictures featured, custom 2019 Poketoberfest mugs were handed out to students to be filled with root beer and raised in cheer. 

"Poketoberfest started as just a Halloween carnival and recently became Poketoberfest," Crawford said.

If you are student at OSU, attending a Student Union Activities Board event is free of charge. Getting involved in these campus activities is a great way to meet fellow students and interact with the local Stillwater community. 

The next scheduled leisure and entertainment event for Fall 2019 is set to be “Paint Your Stress Away: Homecoming Edition” at the Student Union Starlight Terrace. You can attend this event on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 7p.m. 

"Some of our future events include CowboyCon, formerly known as Comic Con, the Harry Potter Fest at North Dining and a second farmer's market," Crawford said.

If you have any questions or comments about future leisure and entertainment programs, you can email the Student Union Activities Board at suab@okstate.edu. Make sure to keep up with the O’Colly media group for more activities coverage.