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OSU student displays unique talent on Fox's 'Superhuman'

Alyssa Kramer

Alyssa Kramer poses with Mike Tyson on the set of Fox's "Superhuman."

On her way to the lake with her dad, 7-year-old Alyssa Kramer saw a word she thought was funny.

Most people don’t find the word “trash” too funny, but, as she was about to find out, most people aren’t like Kramer. The word was funny to her because she was reading it backward phonetically, making the word “shart.” It took Kramer’s dad, George, a minute to figure out what his daughter was doing, but it soon turned into him giving her words to repeat to him backward.

Nowadays Kramer, entering her junior year at Oklahoma State University, was on Fox’s “Superhuman” on Monday night displaying her unusual talent of almost instantly saying words backward to the world.

Kramer, a speech pathology major from Poteau, said her ability started when she learned how to read. However, it wasn’t until that lake trip with her dad that she found out her talent was unusual.

It isn’t something she has to practice; it’s just something she has always been able to do.

“I just really came naturally,” Kramer said. “I’m not sure why. I’m not dyslexic. I have no problem not doing it. I don’t get confused when I’m reading or anything, so I have no Idea why I started doing it.”

Producers of “Superhuman,” reached out to Kramer’s grandmother on Facebook. They likely saw a video one of her friends uploaded of her saying words backward when she was 14. The video went viral, and Kramer has since been on shows such as “Today” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Kramer and her mother, Nicole, flew out to Los Angeles for “Superhuman’s” taping, when she met other people with unique talents.

“I didn’t know any of these people,” Kramer said. “They were all like ‘Yeah, I can do this and this.’ It was pretty strange. It was like rejects of X-Men.”

Some of Kramer’s fellow participants had talents such as an incredible photographic memory and identifying birds by their chirps.

Kramer and her mother stayed in a nice hotel and Kramer said she “felt like a celebrity.”

“The next day we went over to the studio, and they went over what was gonna happen,” Kramer said. “It was pretty intimidating. The set was huge and they were talking about how they have a live audience. Whenever we actually filmed, I ran out on stage. The lights were super bright.”

Kramer also got to interact with the show’s celebrity judges, which included former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. Apart from his boxing, Tyson is also known for his lisp, something Kramer struggled with.

“Mike Tyson, he was talking to me and I really didn’t understand what he was saying because of his lisp is so bad,” Kramer said. “He was a strange cat for sure.”

Although Kramer didn’t win and take home the $50,000 prize, she said the experiences she had was worth the time.

“I didn’t win, but it was still a lot of fun,” she said. “I got to go to California for free and do all kinds of fun stuff. It was a great experience.”