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Review: 'Young Sinatra IV' offers many features, stories


Logic releases newest project "Young Sinatra IV," Sept. 28, 2018.

Six months after the release of “Bobby Tarantino II,” Logic is back with his new project “Young Sinatra IV.”

Young Sinatra has always been Logic’s alter ego and a fan favorite. It has been five years since the predecessor, “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever,” but within that time, Logic released three studio albums and two mixtapes.

Logic has also grown in popularity within the last five years primarily due to the recent success of his quintuple platinum song “1-800-273-8255” (suicide hotline).

This album includes features from Lucy Rose, Ryan Tedder, Wu Tang Clan, Wale, Hailee Steinfeld.

“YSIV” begins with the exact same bit that was at the end of Logic’s previous album “Everybody,” but the story originally began with Logic’s second album, “The Incredible True Story.”

In “The Incredible True Story,” the dropping a nuclear bomb essentially pollutes and damages Earth beyond recovery. Luckily, scientists create a chemical that makes the water drinkable again, but people began to die due to a chemical in the water.

Continuing the story, Quentin Thomas and William Kia travel in space to seek a planet known as Paradise that supposedly has similar characteristics as Earth. At the end of “The Incredible True Story,” fans hear of Thomas and Kia’s successful landing on Paradise.

At the End of “Everybody,” Thomas and Kia walk across Paradise and rejoice that they at least they have good music for their long journey. Thomas then says that he is queuing up “his fourth album, his final one.”

On “YSIV,” Thomas clarifies that it is the final “Young Sinatra.” The skit transitions into the first song of the album where Logic reflects on his career and thanks fans.

One of the most surprising facts about this album was that it features all surviving members of the Wu-Tang Clan in the song “Wu Tang Forever.”

The album as a whole brings his longtime fans back through multiple albums, including his first. This has been a long-awaited album for those that were disappointed in “Everybody” and wanted to hear the old Logic again.  It proves that Logic can go back to his roots.