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Proceed with "Caution": A review of Mariah Carey's fifteenth studio album

With her struggles between love, legal problems, and mental health Mariah Carey embodies her emotions through her album new “Caution”.

The long-loved soprano pop artist Mariah Carey has released her fifteenth studio album Caution, where she takes you on a journey through her recent years. 

At this point in Mariah Carey’s she has taken another step with her sound and life. She has gone from the adored pop star singing all-time favorites such as “We Belong Together” to featuring in films like “Glitter”. Since then she has been through a divorce with Nick Cannon, been sued by her longtime manager, and accused of sexual assault. But most importantly in this last year she has opened up about her mental health. When telling the press about her bipolar disorder she stated that “Until recently I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me,”. She has since grown tremendously as an artist and person since being vulnerable with her fans and public, and has given us an album full of love and pain.


In October she released her lead single for the album “With You”, which is a ballad that illustrates her love for someone else will for forever last due to them carrying each other through problems for so long. 


Later Mariah released her promotional single “GTFO” that carries a totally different weight. This single portrays how her love blinded her, yet to her to later come to the realization that their relationship is no longer positive. However, despite the blunt lyrics of this song the beat sets an elegant and calm tone to the song. This combination shows her unsympathetic and untroubled emotions about her situation, and readiness to move on with her life.


The album also includes features with many big names, such as Ty Dolla $ign in “The Distance”. Also, she allows a new and upcoming artist, Blood Orange, to produce a funky techno beat for Mariah Carey and Slick Rick to collaborate on the track “Giving Me Life”.


Mariah Carey travels across her vocal range and song versatility throughout the album. Her upbeat track on the album “A No No” has ability to make your head bop, while on her final track of the album “Portrait” has the chance to bring a tear to your eyes with her unmatched vocals. 


Even though Mariah Carey expresses her new growth in life and her sound, she does abandon the artist we fell in love many years ago. She continues to utilize her vibrant whistle tones and airy notes to capture our hearts and affirm her voice hasn’t faded.