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Blog: What I wish I knew as an incoming freshman

Traditions Night

Freshmen dance to "All I do is Win" during traditions night at Boone Pickens Stadium on the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater, Okla., Friday, August 12, 2016.

Welcome to the Cowboy Family, OKSTATE 23!

We’re so glad that you chose this campus out of the other numerous choices you may have had to pick from. I promise you that you will have an exciting time in Stillwater, Oklahoma!

I was in your position around this time last year. I was starting orientation and nervous about college. Where would my classes be? Would I be able to find them? Would I make friends? All the doubts a freshman could possibly have.

All of these doubts went away when classes started. During my first year at OSU, I learned a so many things that I wished I knew as a freshman. Here are a few:

1. Introduce yourself to your professors.

For your first year, you may be in general classes like history, science or composition. The class may seem big at first, but I promise you if you go talk to your professors it will make your first year better. Professors truly care about your academic success and will help you the best to their ability.


I was in a rude awakening when my first exam came up. I never really studied in high school and did quite well. In college, I didn’t study for my first exam and totally failed it. I encourage you to find your study habits and stick to them. What I was told my first semester was for every hour you’re in the classroom spend two hours doing your homework and studying. This may not work for everybody, but it is a starting point.

3. Get involved!

I can’t stress this enough. My first year I was scared about getting too involved in college because of working, my social life and my class work. I honestly regret not being involved enough my first year. If you do feel like it will be a lot like I did, start out by finding a few clubs that you would enjoy being a part of. If you think you can commit to more, then do it! There are over 500 clubs and organizations to be involved in on campus.

4. Get out of your residence hall.

There are a number of opportunities to get out of your room and interact with other people on campus. Like I mentioned earlier, getting involved on campus is one way. There are also events going on throughout the semester that are put on by students for students with the help of campus resources. Even your residence hall will put on events throughout the year for all the residents to get to know each other.

5. Go find your classes.

A good thing to do before classes begin is learn where they are at. They’ll be spread across campus.Get an upperclassmen that knows campus to show you around and take you to the buildings you’ll be at for classes. Another good rule of thumb I’ve learned is on the first day of classes is get there 30 minutes prior to your meeting time just in case there’s a classroom notice saying the class has moved

Remember that while you are at college to get an education, you also get the opportunity to make new friends and get to discover your interests.